3-in-1 Lightning Camera Connection Kit Knock-off Arrives for Apple Products

3-in-1 Lightning Camera Connection Kit Knock-off ,  Apple does have a a 30-pin Camera Connection Kit , but still not a Lightning Connector variant, and now the guys over at iPhone5mod has released a 3-in-1 Lightning Camera Connection Kit which is a versatile dongle with a USB, SD and microSD Slots.

Lightning Camera Connection Kit with Micro SD

The new connector kit Improves Apple’s official Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader and Lightning to USB Camera Adapter by by the accommodations for USB, SD and Micro SD cards in one tiny (but unofficial) dock-connecting package, iPhone5mod’s Lightning Camera Connection Kit is available for sale for $23.90.

Now, users can offload photos from camera onto iPad via a direct USB connection, offload photos from a SD card and offload photos from your microSD card. Video import is supported too, but only H.264 and MPEG-4 video formats could be recognized.

Lightning Camera Connection Kit Knock-off

Note: Apple offers a $29 iPad Camera Connection Kit containing a pair of dongles supporting USB and SD connections for its original 30-pin dock connector, but for the new Lightning connector, Apple has moved to split the kit, and the company now sells cable-based SD card and USB adapters priced at $29 each.

[ source : iPhone5Mod ]