Apple iOS 7 beta 3 Release Expected for July 8th

Apple iOS 7 beta 2 has just been released in the last week, this version of iOS 7 adds support for the iPad, the main changes include improved system performance, improved battery life and fix bug. Today, there are new rumors suggest that the next beta version of iOS 7 system in the near future to meet with the majority of developers.

According to a reliable insider sources, according to Apple ‘s plans, test version iOS 7 beta 3 will be launching on July 8 officially open to developers to download testing. If the rumors are true, then this means that Apple once again followed the bi-weekly beta version of the new system tradition.

Apple iOS 7 beta 3 ReleaseApple iOS 7 beta 3 Release

The sources comes from Boy Genius Report tech blog, on a test version of iOS 7 beta 2 version of the same news release from the blog and the content of the message is more accurate. As for the next version of iOS 7 test system will bring exactly what new features, the ability to continue on a version compatible with iPad, continued compatibility with older versions of the product, we also need to wait until July 8 to know.