Asus VivoBook X202E- The cheapst Win8 touch screen notebook

Asus VivoBook X202E : As the Tablet market is now ruled by Windows 8 touch book series, we are got little confused over various brandings  but if you are someone who wants some good style windows 8 touch experience with lowest cost then the new ASUS Vivobook X202E is the best choice.

ASUS launched this VivoBook X202E official price of $ 599 , the actual market price of 549 dollars (about 3414 yuan). It is equipped with a 11-inch touch screen, Intel Core i3 processor (rather than the more common Core i5), 500GB HDD hard drive and 4GB of memory.

Asus VivoBook X202E

Among them, the central processor is VivoBook X202E made the ultimate sacrifice in order to control costs. Similar products currently on the market with an Intel Core i5 processor is generally more expensive about $ 200. On the other hand, after testing a small number of similar products equipped with the Intel Atom processor, slower, but the price is not less than VivoBook X202E.

Design, VivoBook X202E appear mixed, aluminum body is quite slim, but better than the current mainstream ultra-pole of this thicker. But the keyboard is small but fully functional, just the trackpad unresponsive to frustrating, often use the touch screen alternative.

We believe that this year there will be more priced at $ 600 less than the new Windows 8 touch screen laptop market, which certainly will be equipped with the Intel Core i5 processor (or Intel’s fourth-generation i-series chips) models. In the meantime, consumers who want to immediately start the Windows 8 touch-screen laptop, the low price is the biggest advantage of VivoBook X202E.


Asus has long been a leading position in the field of low-end computers, such as Zenbook series of high-end products, but do not look cheap Vivobook X202E. Metal superstructure is brushed aluminum alloy material, the more noble than plastic. Body 0.8 inches thick (about 2 centimeters) and weighs about 3 pounds (1360 grams), compared with the current mainstream over most of this is how much is a little bulky. If you go back a few years ago, this ultra-portable notebook computer priced at more than $ 1,000.

Asus VivoBook X202E

Usually so small design space will result in the keyboard and touchpad are bound to be a compromise, but use keypad Vivobook X202E effect is great, big trackpad is also impressive. The island-style keyboard layout is very compact, the buttons are also a bit shallow, but the typing is very easy, the error rate is also very low – you only need to spend a few minutes to become familiar with the button layout and spacing. For such an ultra-portable laptop typing experience has been very satisfactory.

The touchpad design used is a big the ClickPad style, lack of separate left and right mouse button to expand the use of the area. The problem is that the touch reflects quite slow, especially with your fingers to scroll through web pages and documents, or browse the traditional Windows desktop. However, in the user interface of the window 8 has good performance, it is because the frequency of use have dropped significantly.

The 11.6-inch display resolution can only reach 1366×768, although it is a little low, but the small screen looks also good. The end-to-end glass covering the outside of the display, plus the thickness makes the screen look even smaller. Fortunately, the operation of the touch screen is responsive, shaft outside the field of view is also very good.

 performance and battery

VivoBook X202E smaller, but it has three USB ports (although only a USB interface 3.0 speed), two video output interface and an Ethernet interface. Ultra-extreme Ethernet interface, but usually also the use of a dongle. In addition, if it can abandon the outdated VGA interface Vivobook X202E size and body type may be able to become smaller.

Asus VivoBook X202E

Certainly not as good as the performance of the Intel Core i3 processor Core i5, accentuates this point in the test. But if you just used daily Internet, watching videos and to socialize, and to perform a single task also feel Yousha. Just once open multiple windows, applications and tasks, speed will begin to slow down. However, similar products equipped with the Intel Atom processor as compared to the HP Envy X2, Acer W510 models, the speed of the Core i3 or faster.

Battery life, similar products can be equipped with Atom a staggering more than 10 hours; equipped with Core i3 Vivobook X202E continued to see the video only adhere to the three hours and 29 minutes, less equipped with Intel Core i5 and has a larger fuselage and battery capacity similar products. Although the three and a half hours of battery life time is far from excellent, but please take into account the low-cost ultra-portable design.


I really like this priced at 500 dollars Windows 8 touch screen laptop, taking into account the quality, performance, battery life, as well as ultra-lightweight and practicality, or purchased on a limited budget of consumers. If you are willing to spend $ 150 to $ 200 more, and will be able to pursue a better performance of the models.

Advantages: a Windows 8 touch screen laptop, VivoBook the X202E the price is very cheap, and looks more like a high-end model.

Disadvantages: a bit slow the speed of the central processor, battery life, large touchpad feel bad.

Overall: Although the market is very welcome to pricing below $ 600 Windows 8 touch screen laptop, but Asus VivoBook X202E also sacrifice some performance and battery capacity.

Price: $ 549 


  • Processor: 1.8GHz Intel Core i3-3427U
  • Memory: 4GB (1600MHz DDR3)
  • Hard Drive: Hitachi 500GB (Speed ??5400)
  • Graphics: Intel HD4000
  • Operating system: Windows 8
  • Size: 11.9 inches x7.9 “x0.8″
  • Screen size: 11.6 inches
  • Weight: 3.1 pounds (3.4 pounds with power supply)
  •  ultraportable

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