GamePop: allows you to play iOS games on TV

BlueStacks is a very innovative characteristics of the software development company, they developed BlueStacks App Player software lets popular Android applications can run perfectly on Windows systems on your computer, not only the company gained a good reputation, players who use Android system is like the sound again and again. Subsequently, the company re-launched the Mac version of BlueStacks simulator, began to invest in the iOS target market.

 GamePop: allows you to play iOS games on TV

Today, BlueStacks announced its first named “GamePop” home game console, this new mini games allow players to give up the small screen of mobile devices operating experience, turned to the big screen TV to enjoy mobile platforms game. And even more exciting is that this small video game console is not only compatible with Android, but also can run iOS applications games.

BlueStacks Rosen Sharma, CEO In an interview with CNET News interview, said: “We have developed the” LookingGlass “virtualization technology that will allow non- Apple devices can also run on iOS games. “and classic tower Anti-game series Fieldrunners (flourishes) developer Subatomic Studios company, BlueStacks will become the first partner.

But worrying is that from Apple’s iOS conservative point of view, Apple has always been never allowed non-Apple devices running iOS applications. So for now, BlueStacks able to reach a consensus with Apple still unknown.

GamePop is expected to be officially on sale later this year, pre-sale price of $ 129, including game consoles and handles. Subscription basis and will use charges $ 6.99 per month (equivalent to approximately RMB 42 yuan). BlueStacks company promises, GamePop Offer occasion, there will be at least hundreds of Android and iOS application game visit the game console.