How to Enable external storage support in Nexus 7

How to Enable external storage support in Nexus 7 : When Google firstly introduced the Google Nexus 7 Tablet, a very much of Fans where disappointed as the device doesn’t have an 3g Functionality and more over the Micro SD expansion. later, Google has released an HSPDA variant, but still not any further option for micro SD expansion.

How to Enable external storage support in Nexus 7

Do you ever why is that ? let’s take a look at the Google engineers comment over this lack of Micro SD support,

We got tired of seeing OEMs include many GB of internal storage for music, while users were still running out of space for apps and data. This approach lets us merge everything on one volume, which is way better.

– Dan Morrill, Android engineer at Google

So now you know why it doesn’t Google enabled an External SD solution, therefore, users continue to ask questions, the existence of the Nexus 7 external storage expansion solution?

The answer is Yes, and not only Nexus 7, the vast majority of Android devices by OTG way external storage connected to, and thus achieve the purpose of expanding storage can be achieved even with the mouse and keyboard, such as 3G wireless network card connection.

How to Enable external storage support in Nexus 7

OTG solutions need an OTG cable, the current market price is cheaper, nearly a $1 cost. the unlock BootLoder and open root privileges Nexus 7 tablet (caution); install an external storage support plug StickMount 1.5 cn.apk. The above conditions are met, you can directly use the OTG cable Nexus 7 tablet with U disk or mobile hard disk connected to external storage expansion.

If you want to use the 3G network card to be installed support plug PPPWidget0.98.apk, also need to modify the settings for different network service providers on the network.

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