HTC One Shipment delayed due to the shortage of camera components

HTC One as the latest flagship smartphone, equipped with 4.7-Inch 1080p resolution screen and super-pixel camera (UltraPixel Camera) features and characteristics, carrying the HTC pursuit of innovation and the hope of turning the tide . But things change, broke the news from the industry, HTC One is likely to delay the shipment because of a lack of parts supply camera module.


According revelations of BriefMobile, the news source said the HTC One camera parts supply orders to keep up with the rhythm of the production line, after the arrival of these parts, HTC will face its assembly into the camera module, and thus is likely to result in The delay in shipping, the impact of next week’s official listing plan, or lead to the problem of insufficient supply of initial listing market.

Allegedly, the inadequate supply of parts for the voice coil motor and camera module may result in the next few months time, the HTC One total output is limited to between 800,000 to 1,200,000 units. Preliminary estimates, insufficient supply of parts caused by the delay in shipment of the problem does not directly affect the listed March 15, but the market in some countries and regions, shipping time, or will be delayed until May, which will include Singapore , China, Taiwan, mainland China and Japan.

The news also means that HTC One time-to-market in the U.S. market will remain before the rhythm, but shipments will achieve less than expected by the lack of supply. Taking into account the official release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 just listed more than HTC One day in advance, HTC can settle all problems that may exist? Of course, the topic about the lack of parts supply just rumors, has not been officially confirmed, the end result remains to be seen listed on March 15.