Microsoft Surface Never will be a Failure, Take a look at Microsoft effective marketting

Microsoft Surface Never will be a Failure, well i didn’t mean that Microsoft was able to beat the Tablet market with the new Surface RT tablet sales’s. but take a look at current market, by introducing the Surface RT tablet- microsoft has opened a new era for its Tablet based OS. after microsoft’s surface RT made some big talks in tech world many tablet manufactures has been come forward to try out this new OS platform.

AdDuplex collect the data of the 112 built-in of its SDK statistics module of Windows Store applications. These data allow the company to more comprehensive observation of Windows 8 and RT equipment market. Of course, we usually want to get a larger sample Nevertheless, AdDuplex data has provided us with an understanding of Windows 8 market perspective.

The following is a chart of the the Windows RT market share analysis:

Windows RT market share analysis


However, we also need to pull the lens away, take a look at Windows 8 market, Windows RT occupies how much weight?

 Windows RT market share analysis

The results show that Microsoft may be the overlord of the RT market, but this is just a corner of the market is Windows 8, the following chart shows that the proportion Surface bigger picture:

 Windows RT market share analysis

Although these data do not represent the truth, it is only able to help us to carry out extensive comparison, but it is clear that Windows RT is a platform that is almost controlled by Microsoft. It sounds perhaps not surprisingly, but Microsoft did not before as the history of the OEM manufacturers, which can be considered a key change.

While Microsoft can be proud to occupy a dominant position in the key platform, but its rivals can not achieve strong sales perhaps not a good thing. Microsoft is encroaching on the sales performance of its partners, which will likely lead to the desertion of the partner, for example, Samsung decided not to U.S. market launch of Windows RT flat products.

[ via : Adduplex]