Oppo EOS Camera Phone Renders

Oppo EOS Camera Phone Renders : The Chinese smartphone manufacturers of worlds thinnest smartphone is now entering into Camera flagship device Oppo Eos with new N series camera lense integration.

oppo eos

The new mobile phone render shape is very unassuming, a huge lens and xenon flash component with visual effects even than the EOS is also exaggerated. According to a description of the message source, the new phone is the N-Lens first product, reportedly will use 12 MP camera, the main camera, other aspects of the information being unknown.

More interesting is, N-Lens Mobile renderings, it was good eyesight to see through friends, the background picture is a material library of images, while the phone is added later to image. This point we can see, N-Lens series phones even if there is, it is only in a state of development, from the real market believe there is quite some time.

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