Quick look at iOS7: Apple iOS is Catching up with Trends

In Apple’s WWDC conference this year, Apple has released its new iOS 7 Mobile operating system. as for the Android Google has long been lazy in the release At the meeting stingy ridiculed rival, Apple is still “like a child” innuendo Google, however, the article commented, generally speaking, with iOS 7, Apple has finally begun to catch up with the latest design trends in the mobile terminal, and, iOS 7 “looks pretty”, Apple’s design team in the new head of Jonathan Ives led finally submitted the excellent products, through a flat design, to create a modern style iOS mobile user interface .

ios7 UI

Of course, as every change in iOS, Android fans reactions are “functional Android that have already been made,” “It’s not like Android, like you,” the iOS 7 changes in Cho pink eyes, from many aspects draws on Android.

Control Center

iOS7 control centre

Apple added a control center for iOS shortcut entrance, the user interface can be any switch directly to the control center, iOS control center includes flight mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, do not disturb mode, adjust the screen brightness, music control, the camera shortcut, flash and so on. The Android because third-party hardware vendors to try and add similar functionality already exists for a long time, but, Android 4.2 version, users only need two fingers sliding notification bar, you can directly control center.

Lock screen notifications

ios7 Lock screen notifications

iOS 7, Apple has finally decided to let the users do not have to unlock, slide down the notification bar arrival directly Notification Center, and Android at least in the latest two versions of this feature has been added.

Apple’s new Notification Center look more “transparent” and more ugly. Notification Center in the label of “Today”, “All”, “unread”, etc., although multiple interface design is not offensive, but Google By combining these labels, folding and allows users to directly manipulate these labels do an interface to show all of this information.

Safari and Chrome

ios7 ios7 Lock screen notifications

Many people do not like Safari, prefer other browsers such as Chrome, the new version of Safari has an interesting feature that can “see label” function to open all the pages, Apple today bragging version of Safari 3D look, full screen display , sliding around, quickly switch pages and other functions, but they seem to forget that a year ago, Chrome and Android can do these facts.


 ios 7 Multi tasking

iOS 7 multitasking style is new, the system can “learn” the user’s habits and patterns of the user put the most frequently used applications running in the background, in order to extend battery life. This feature makes full of expectation, of course, assuming that the system can correctly “learning” and “understanding” the user’s habits and use of the law, we’ll see.

On the user interface point of view, Apple’s approach is only “semi-unique”, iOS 7 multitasking interface instead of directly copying Android, but it looks like with HTC ‘s Sense 4 phone interface is very similar to that time, HTC had received abandoned after many bad reviews of this interface design.

iTunes Radio and Google Music

 iTunes Radio and Google Music

The long-rumored iTunes Radio Pandora killer finally debut today, but we really can not be called a “subversive” or even “innovative” products, and similar products, users can choose according to recommendations, create radio playlists, but also Apple’s recommendation can accept good playlist. iTunes Radio was full of “buy” button, advertising is everywhere, and the user did not like to save the album in, can not be completely specified in accordance with their own will play each song on the list, iTunes Radio completely recommended to the user as to the Pandora song, the user can select the “download” and “like” these recommendations to the song, for iTunes, it is tantamount to adding a feature, but this feature is not completely innovative.

On the outside, iTunes Radio, Google Music and other music applications look the same, white menus, embedded album art dramatically. Also to be noted is that, Google Music’s All Access feature allows users to select and add any favorite songs or albums, but requires a monthly fee.


 ios7 Mailbox

I do not know how everyone is using their iOS Mail application, but obviously it draws on the iOS platform called Mailbox on a third-party application functionality, Apple joined the gesture sliding control to delete, edit, and “More” and other operations, But all Mailbox has long been a popular feature, Apple is one such treatment of its third-party application developers.

Moreover, Gmail sliding delete / edit capabilities already exist I do not know how many years.


 ios7 Calendar

New iOS calendar application seems a not particularly like Android, but there are some similarities, such as compact design, rectangle corners, fill color and a white background, the latest version of the Android calendar application design is similar, is cyclic and date color marquee marquee, but others are in a few weeks before the launch.

Side application navigation

 ios 7 Side application navigation

Apple iOS 7 adds an application in the side navigation that leads to the mailbox or message service, Google similar functionality as early as a year ago quit.

Lock screen

ios7 Lock screen

We are all related to the way iOS 7 will generate more ideas, but we believe that we will have a similar sense of mystery lock screen begins. iOS 7 interface has a floating bubble wallpaper, small clocks, actionable icons, semi-robotic style. Apple is through beautiful design to compete with Android.

All in all, the new version of iOS 7 does look very pretty.