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Around the eye area a lot of people have skin layers that is quite thin and sensitive to irritation so the eyes can become red, irritated and puffy. A lot of people get up each day with swollen eyes because of fluid that has been retained during the nighttime however then see the problem resolve itself within a short time. Others suffer from puffy eyes more frequently than this or even have swollen eyes permanently. Swelling around the eyes can be caused by many factors and the condition is usually temporary. However, some critical medical conditions can cause puffy eyes. You have several kinds of factors which could lead to your eyes becoming bulging and swollen such as imbalances in hormonal levels, allergies, water retention and emotional stress. Environmental irritants and emotional outbursts which cause your eyes to tear up can strain your eyes and make them puffy and red. You might wake up each day with swollen and bulging eyes, that is the outcome of fluids accumulating in the area when you were sleeping. Fluid retention could be worsened from hormonal surges and an increased intake of sodium. Chemical irritants from perfumes, detergents, and also cosmetics could make eyes bloated.

Other factors that can help to make eyes swollen are not enough sleep, alcohol consumption and sinusitis. There are many natural puffy eye remedies that can be tried quite easily right at your home so that you can bring down the swelling. One of the simplest of the holistic puffy eye remedies is to position cool objects over the eye area. The traditional folk treatment option for baggy eyes is to put cool slices of cucumber on the eyes but many individuals find that keeping a metal spoon which has been chilled in the refrigerator also works. Deficit of sleep can cause puffy, red and swollen eyes. Resting your head on an elevated pillow while sleeping will help excess fluids that accumulated to drain away. Drink lots of water as it is necessary that the body is well hydrated and reduce consumption of salt because excess sodium causes water retention. Eating a healthy and nutritious diet aids the body to remove excess fluids and so does getting yourself involved in a daily program of physical exercises. If these holistic techniques have been applied and are not working, then may be there are underlying reasons that can not be solved with puffy eye remedies and the swelling is a side effect. Some of the reasons and conditions which are linked with swollen and puffy eyes include pregnancy, allergies, dermatitis, hormonal surges, some medicinal drugs and infections like mononucleosis.

The muscles which support the eyelids get weaker as they get older and so does the supporting tissue in the skin near the eyes. As a consequence of this, subcutaneous fat which normally gives firmness to the area can start to move in to the lower eyelid area and fluids may be retained, making the lower eyelids to appear engorged and puffy. There are many factors which may cause puffy bags under eyes to form but a couple of them are responsible for most peoples problems. The first of these is aging but you cannot do anything to stop the aging process besides staying as healthy as possible. The same holds good for genetic skin factors that individuals might have inherited from their parents. You have, however, some common things that could cause puffy bags under eyes. They include water retention, accumulation of toxic impurities in your body, cigarette smoking, alcohol and allergic reactions to food, animals or environmental issues. 1. Stop Smoking to Lose Puffy Eyes – Some things which can be done which will help people to avoid getting puffy bags under eyes include stopping smoking and drinking fewer alcoholic beverages. Allergic reactions to many things can cause facial swelling which might cause puffy bags under eyes. Individuals who have an allergy or suspect that they might have one should check with their doctor for information and advice.