Second-generation Surface RT2 processor Specs leaked | 8.6 inch RT2 Xiao Long processor

Second-generation Surface RT2, According to the Technology website Microsoft News report Microsoft’s next-generation tablet will be divided into three models, including the 8.6-inch tablet Surface RT2 will use Qualcomm Snapdragon Xiao Long processor, 11.6-inch Tablet Surface Pro2 using AMD low power Temash, processor, 14.6-inch Surface Book the Intel Haswell high performance processor.

Surface RT2

Microsoft used in the next generation of Surface RT plate Snapdragon the Xiao Long processor is undoubtedly good news, with the tablet using Nvidia Tegra 3 compared to the Qualcomm Snapdragon overall performance is more excellent. Surface RT2 reduce the size of the screen at the same time using a more powerful processor, is expected to bring a better experience for the user.

If the rumors are true, the Surface Pro2 the used Temash processor made by AMD, using the 28-nanometer process, contains two computing cores and a graphics processing unit, the power consumption of less than 2W. Microsoft has its own brand of products using AMD processors, will affect its alliance with Intel is still unknown.

Surface RT2 back

Finally, the product, code-named Intel Haswell processor the Surface Book, with a 14.6-inch screen. This can not help but speculate whether Microsoft will further break the dependence on OEM manufacturers to launch its own brand of notebook products. Intel Haswell processor is a the existing Ivy Bridge next-generation products, using the 22-nanometer process, the power consumption as low as 10W, the alleged performance can reach Ivy Bridge twice.

[ source : Microsoft News]