Sony C530X Huashan Coming With 1.7 GHz CPU Confirmed By Benchmark Test

The new Sony C530X Huashan is  spotted in the database AnTuTu , which with a benchmark test reveals some details of the Android smartphone without announcing the full specification, but only its existence and frequency of its processor. Below you will find the screen of the benchmark tests .

 Take a look on test taken by AnTuTu

The latest Sony C530X is coming with a 1.7 GHz CPU , probably dual-core though not officially confirmed. It is runs on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean and with a score of 16,133 obtained in the test should be positioned in the middle segment of the market.


Many interesting and the next Xperia 2013 by Sony expected in the first months of the new year. We just have to wait for further news for this Huashan after a preview of the great Yuga .