Sony Tablet S Will Receive Jelly Bean Updates In February 2013

Recently there are lot of  news comes related to the official updates to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for smartphones Xperia 2012 ,Now they finally reach the celebrated news for Tablet S of Sony . Previous statements by the Japanese manufacturer were designed solely for the newcomer Xperia S Tablet denying the arrival of Jelly Bean for the predecessor. Perhaps because of the complaints of the users may have changed something in the plans of Sony , retracting the update for the Tablet S .


Sony would respond as follows to the requests for a user:


“I’m glad to inform you That the Android 4.1, Jelly Bean Update is scheduled for release in the second week of February 2013. The update will be available very soon and you will be Notified with the notifier in the Tablet. “


Therefore, given the latest official statements of the Japanese manufacturer, also the Tablet S should receive Jelly Bean 4.1 officially from February 2013 .


This confirms further the attention of the manufacturer to ensure its products official updates even when many other OEMs have abandoned them.


Now we just have to wait for confirmation from Sony through official channels.

  • olalla

    Sadly I don´t think it´s true, as Sony members had said in a video that Sony tablet S won´t be upgraded to Jelly Bean:

    • paolo

      Which is why I am not buying a Sony tablet or smartphone again!

      • Jonathan Matthes


      • Steven Zang

        I always laugh at people like you who turn away from a company just from one “bad” encounter. FYI, Sony was rated the top OEM of 2012 by XDA. And if you don’t know what that means, please enlighten yourself; it might make you change your mind.

        • maxdio

          Thumbs up friend :)
          Sony has just started it’s real journey, Even Apple’s Late Tim Cook was agreed that :)

    • maxdio

      Well, you see the Video No Longer Available ;)
      So Sony have changed Plans ;)

  • Alex

    I,m just waiting for a couple of weeks. If there´s not any new about the update, i simply root it to jelly bean.

  • Anonymous

    Something tells me the tablet s still won’t get it and they confused it with the xperia tablet s
    Hope i am wrong.

  • Kriszti

    any news regarding the jelly bean update for the sony tablet s?

    • maxdio

      No, but will be soon as expected :)

      • Kriszti

        thank you :)

  • Bryan Sandoval

    Which Sony tablet will receive the update is it the
    Sony tablet s
    Sony xperia tablet s

    • Purusharth Dwivedi

      the new one… tablet s

      F#@k you sony..

  • Daniel Iordache

    Sory gays but. we are in March 2013 and there in no update for android 4.1. The best thing would be to write une e mail, like I did last night, you se we are the force we are the costumer and we can do thing. If we work. Together. So join this. Ad if some of get any news place let us know. Thanks

  • Daniel Iordache

    This is not fair. 4.1 update suddenness this is the real name of this update.i Know they look to sale the Experia Tabet, But I do Not Se The Logick.
    Ther Is Not Sony tablet For Sale In stupid tinking.

  • Daniel Iordache

    So I hope that Sony will think again and respect the existing costume to,not only the new, let hoop that .