Sprint LG Optimus G Will get official upgraded to Android 4.1.2

Recently we heard that Sprint version of the LG Optimus G will be upgraded to Android 4.1.2 jelly beans news, although this did not get official confirmation of the Sprint, but many LG Optimus G users have been excited.

LG Optimus g upgrade

Recently, Sprint has this message were officially confirmed, and users within the next 10 days we will be receiving the upgrade of the models prompted.

Upgraded LG Optimus G version number LS970ZVA, and detailed updates are as follows:

  •  upgrade Android 4.1.2 Jellybean Jelly Bean System
  •  increase Google Now
  •  is more practical, more operatively notification system
  •  by Android Beam to send photos and other content
  •  Downloader download from the Application Management QuickTranslator
  •  new interface, cool new boot animation
  •  new framework for drawing and animation will be unified VSYNC timing, application rendering, touch events, picture composition, display refresh operation will be locked in a 16-millisecond response
  •  smarter virtual keyboard
  •  can quickly close the application through the notification system
  •  Desktop shortcuts and widgets can freely adjust the size and position
  •  Android Beam can be transferred via Bluetooth
  •  Improved voice search
  •  improved camera application
  •  new Google Chrome browser to replace the original browser
  •  open the application plug-ins without Root access rights

LG Optimus G users can update via OTA, users can access Sprint official website to obtain the updated details.

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