Three major aspects where Microsoft Windows 8 superior to the t Apple MacBook Air

Three major aspects where Microsoft Windows 8 superior to the t Apple MacBook Air, it was just recently HP EliteBook Revolve  was announced and we have given it a little deep look, today CNET columnist Brooke Crothers published an article saying, although the design of the MacBook Air very well, but it is not perfect; HP’s new products provide several compelling reasons to attract people’s attention from the MacBook Air to Win 8 notebooks. so why shouldn’t we might check it out ?

Three major aspects where Microsoft Windows 8 superior to the t Apple MacBook Air

The excellent design of the MacBook Air (I use it every day), the new 13-inch MacBook Pro retina screen is good enough. But Apple is not your only option, the HP EliteBook Revolve has the following three functions, MacBook do not have:

1, built-in 4G

The EliteBook Revolve 4G LTE or HSPA + features built-in so dwarfs MacBook only supports Wi-Fi. Soon to 2013, MacBook should at least provide 4G optional programs fishes.

If the iPad can support 4G Internet, why MacBook Air is not it? HP not for no reason on a super this built-in 4G Internet access in so doing, it is certainly a reason: HP’s business users need 4G Internet.

And some operators to offer data sharing package, so you can share 4G data across multiple devices.

2, the touch screen

I firmly believe that the touch screen will become the standard configuration for all mobile devices within two years. Portable devices without touch screen will not be in this day and age, like the keyboard does not provide the mouse a truth.

In fact, long before the iPad appeared, HP launched a touchscreen tablet, but unfortunately it is running the Windows XP. HP (and Microsoft) most will only stylus as an input tool, can not think of can be entered directly with your fingers.

3, the base

I use HP docking station (Revolve also have a dock) has for many years, they simply providential artifact: When the equipment you need to get up and walk around when fitted remove the base is very convenient, do not need to disconnect and re- connecting cable.

Excellent base (such as Hewlett-Packard’s base) has a variety of ports, usually only desktop devices to provide the type so full port.

Of course, you also have a lot of third-party base can select the best base course or factory to provide their own.

Why? Since the design of the base from the laptop: you must first design of high speed, location and reasonable dock connector on your laptop, and then designed the pedestal.

I really like the MacBook, but its limitations so I was quite distressed, often in the room, I can only use it, you can not take it out. Especially when some Win 8 laptop, I think I must be suffering from claustrophobia.

But this is the competition. Win 8 power in numbers, there is always some manufacturers to come up with some good ideas, like Apple, it’s just a company to go it alone only.

[ source :Cnet ]