10 Classic Shoes That Should Not Be Missing In Any Closet!

Admit, I am a real shoe addict too, and I have far too many for one of my feet. But besides bags, shoes are my biggest weakness and not without reason. For me, a look often depends on the right pair of shoes. You can decide whether a look looks great or bad, whether elegant or sporty. And after I have already told you which 10 items of clothing should not be missing in any wardrobe , I answer the question today which 10 shoe models are essential. Which are the real classic shoes that always go? That’s exactly what I want to tell you today.Here are the 10 classic shoes that every woman should have in their closets. I’m excited without which shoe model you can’t do?

Ankle boots

Especially for the upcoming fall, you can never go wrong with a pair of ankle boots. Whether in your free time with jeans, in the evening with a dress or during the day with trousers – when properly combined, ankle boots are real all-rounders and can be styled and combined in a variety of ways. If you want a timeless model, it is best to invest in a classic black pair with a small block heel. Particularly popular in the fashion scene? Models by Acne and Isabel Marant.

White sneakers

God, I’m glad that sneakers have finally been back in fashion for some time. No other shoe is as comfortable and stylish as sneakers at the same time. Still very popular? White sneakers in all possible shapes and designs. No matter whether with plateau, Velcro or playful details like pearls – you can wear anything you like. I personally love the Stan Smith and Superstar models from Adidas and the Puma Basket Heart sneakers. All three models are wearable with everything and are real shoe classics.


A low shoe to the ankle, slightly spiky but properly styled super casual. I would roughly describe the shoe type of the lace-up. The first time I really saw him was with my mom. She is a big fan of this classic shoe and wears it regularly to work. In my opinion, lace-up shoes are definitely the perfect office or business shoes that women can never do wrong with. But laces can also be styled casually in your free time. Instead of a simple model, I would perhaps prefer a somewhat unusual model with special details. I have one from Stella McCartney with a super plateau and love it.

Loafers / moccasins

Slip in and look chic. Similar to lace-ups, loafers are the perfect shoes when it comes to making a serious and professional impression. Loafers are almost the laces without shoelaces. Models with chain details or tassels are particularly popular. If you like a “more modern” variant, buy loafers with a plateau heel. In terms of color, the market offers pretty much everything you can imagine: muted colors such as gray or black (ideal for the office) also include bright colors such as yellow or red. This season, by the way, loafers with a soft, flexible heel are particularly popular. In other words, you can wear them open or closed at the back.

Black pumps

I bet 99% of you already have this shoe model in your closet. But still I want to make it part of the top 10 classic shoes, because in my opinion they are the biggest must-have in the shoe cabinet. For me personally, black pumps are indispensable, especially at evening events, and have often been my savior in need. Because if I don’t even know which shoes fit my look, black high heels with at least 10 centimeters of heel always go.

High heels

Similar to black pumps, it is the same with nude-colored high heels. Especially if (like me) you wear clothes in light and soft colors very often, nude-colored heels are the ideal companion. Of course, even if it can be a little more chic and classy. My tip: there are many different tones. In order to optically stick your legs, you should make sure when buying that the color of the shoe matches your personal skin tone very well. This way, the leg is visually extended when worn.

Slip Ons

This shoe shape is a mix of sneakers and loafers – more precisely the sporty version of a laofer. Comfort is also the top priority here (in contrast to high heels;)). There are now a wide variety of slip-on models where you can experiment with the material in particular. From pony skin to lacquer to leather or sequins, there is pretty much everything that makes a woman’s heart beat faster. The sporty shoes are best worn with culotte pants or two-piece sets as a casual break in style.

Heel sandals

Also in the summer, and heel sandals belong in every shoe cabinet. The most popular version is definitely strappy sandals, because they simply enhance every look in summer. If you like it a little more elegant and dressed, you can wear sandals with stiletto heels. Anyone who likes it a little more casual and everyday use models with a stable block heel. Here too, every woman is guaranteed to find the right one for her.

Flat sandals

At the latest when you are invited to a garden party in the summer, women are happy when they have a flat sandal in the closet. Because if we are honest, most other shoe types fail in such circumstances and summer temperatures. In my opinion, flat sandals are the secret weapon in summer and an absolute shoe classic that you can pull out of your closet every year.


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