10 Classics In Which It Is Worth Investing | Fashion Basics

There are women whose outfits are always on point. Instagram star Jeanne Damas, for example. With just a few high-quality fashion basics, she creates gorgeous looks. Enviable, isn’t it? But there is good news: everyone can. Simply invest in perfectly fitting fashion basics! It doesn’t take much for a really good outfit: a casual blue jeans, a white oversize shirt, pumps and red lips – that’s it. Would model Kate Moss, actress Clémence Poésy or Instagram star Jeanne Damas wear the same way. The highlight of the matter: the perfect fit and quality! It is better to invest in a well-fitting, expensive pair of jeans than ten compromise purchases that later turn into closet corpses. The same applies to basics like blazers, shirts and not to be scoffed at – the white t-shirt.

What exactly is fashion basics?

Timeless classics in classic colors, which can be combined in many different ways, but always result in a great look, are the essence of the wardrobe. Here, too, Jeanne Damas is the best proof. The Parisian and designer of the “Rouje” label, for example, wears a navy blue pinstripe blazer with a waist belt with a white shirt blouse and blue jeans, and a raffia bag. Et voilà: a stylish look. Of course, things are tailored to Jeanne.

The striped shirt

Very french and a real all-round talent: No wonder that fashion icons like Duchess Kate often use a striped shirt if they want to look casual but not too casual.

A striped shirt in the typical marine look, i.e. blue and white stripes, looks very classic – especially in combination with other basics in muted colors. If you don’t want to, do it like “Man Repeller” blogger Leandra Medine Cohen and wear the shirt in red and blue. Or pair it with other patterns, such as flowers or dots: for example, a simple stripe shirt with a midi skirt with a floral print, mules with a small heel and a raffia bag creates a summery trend look without much effort. Or how about your favorite Breton shirt with a sexy leather skirt and high heels for the evening?

The little black dress

Black dresses used to be reserved for grieving widows? But then Coco Chanel came and designed a modern version, the sketches of which appeared in US Vogue. Voilà, there it was – one of the most important classics in the fashion world! The “little black dress” is the counterpart to the black men’s suit and is suitable for every occasion apart from weddings. A styling rule should be observed when wearing: The shorter the dress, the longer the sleeves have to be – Veronika Heilbrunner shows how to do it. In addition, the German fashion icon shows us how well a little break does the outfit and styles the dress to orange chucks.

As a business part, prefer a model that does not show too much skin on the cleavage and legs. Sheath dresses in black are a great office piece, which can be combined with a narrow waist belt, elegant pumps and a spacious business bag.

The blazer

Blazers are popular because they are elegant and casual at the same time and a great jacket replacement on cooler summer nights. Those in black, camel or navy blue are particularly suitable for the basic wardrobe. By the way, navy blue is the traditional blazer color, because historically the blazer dates back to the British navy jackets of the 19th century.

If you want to buy a new model, you should pay attention to the following points:
1. Above all, the blazer should fit perfectly on the shoulders and fit the figure (with narrow shoulders, it is best to use a well-designed shoulder section – if you are narrower around the bottom, flowing cuts will fit)
2. The material should be of high quality. Light new wool, cotton or linen are great (there is a risk of creasing here!).

The trench coat

Hardly any other piece of clothing is as closely linked to a label as the trench coat with Burberry. And for a very simple reason: Thomas Burberry invented the coat – at the end of the 19th century as a raincoat for the British army. Even today, the cotton coat with the adjustable cuffs, epaulettes and the typical tie belt is a practical all-rounder that fits with the floral dress as well as the palazzo pants.

The perfectly fitting jeans

A simple blue jeans without holes or extreme washes is just as much part of the basic equipment as the more elegant classic trench coat, blouse or blazer. In principle, almost anything is possible when it comes to cut: from mom fit to flared to skinny. Only the extreme hipsters that Britney Spears wore in the 90s should be banished from the closet. Because medium or high waist cuts are much more flattering – for all shapes.

The leather jacket

Another piece of clothing with history: the leather jacket was originally intended as protective clothing for motorcyclists (they still wear them!). Now the jacket gives our outfits a rocking touch. Like the blazer, the leather jacket is also available in countless forms – and when the leather is dyed, it is also available in many different colors. However, as a basic part it only goes through in black and brown. Which of the two tones you choose is a matter of taste. Just like the cut. A black biker jacket is always possible, but if you prefer it more elegant, like it-girl Gigi Hadid, you can choose a simple, short model in brown.

The best colors for fashion basics

So that the shirt blouse, striped shirt and Co. are really universal, you should use plain colors. It doesn’t have to be black or white. Brown, beige, cream, gray or navy can be combined at least as well and may suit your skin tone better.


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