10 Small Fashion Flaws That Prevent Us From Looking Perfect

Do you know these women who always look perfect no matter what they wear? You can do that too. You should only avoid these ten small fashion mistakes. 1. Choose the wrong outfit under time pressure :  Coffee in my left hand, blush brush in my right hand and my head is all about one question: What am I going to wear today? Not only is it late to be late, but also finding the perfect look. To avoid this stress, think about what you’d like to wear the next day the night before.

2. Ignore the weather

It is not advisable to wear fine silk stockings in the deepest winter, nor is a teddy fur coat suitable on a rainy day – not even in December. Dress according to the weather so that they don’t freeze or look like a watered poodle. To prevent mistakes in the morning, sort your clothes into the groups winter and summer and stow the box that you do not need in the basement.

3. Be overdressed

A cocktail dress at work or high heels for a shopping tour are not exactly helpful if you want to be taken seriously – on the contrary, stylings like this seem inappropriate and out of place. The price and certain brands don’t matter if you want to look good. Find out in advance which dress code is appropriate and choose your outfit accordingly.

4. Wear wrong sizes

Especially in the sale or with trendy items, we often choose the wrong size or a part that doesn’t particularly flatter our figure. The reason is: If I lose a little more, it fits like a glove. Not correct! Accept yourself as you are and only buy according to your current size. Because these bad purchases end up in the far corner of our closet.

5. Put on dirty clothes

A small stain, hair from your four-legged friend or unloved lint – often it is just small things, but these details make an outfit. With a lint roller and a small sewing set in your handbag, you can quickly remedy these shortcomings in the future.

6. The wrong accessories

A simple look made of sweaters and jeans often needs one or two accessories to avoid being boring. However, these should be selected carefully. The basic rule is: less is more. A scarf, a belt or jewelry can directly upgrade an outfit. By the way: With these simple 6 tricks , your bargain look looks like a high-quality designer outfit.

7. Choose the wrong fabrics

Clothing made of synthetic fabrics is not only cheaper, it often also looks very cheap. It wrinkles, loses its shape and can often not be worn for more than one season. Instead, choose clothes made of cotton, silk, wool, chiffon or denim. Not only are they more comfortable, they also look more attractive.

8. The wrong color combinations

Combining the right colors is often more difficult than expected. On the one hand, care should be taken that the colors harmonize with one another, on the other hand, the colors should also underline the complexion of the wearer. To be on the safe side, it is always better to use deep, rich colors such as blue, coral, burgundy, red or emerald green. Don’t forget the universal use of pastel shades and the classics black and white. Find out which color combinations are particularly suitable for the office here .

9. Insert prints incorrectly

You should always be careful when using prints. The well-known Leo print, for example, can look elegant and sexy on the one hand, but can also be cheap very quickly on the other. If you are unsure, but still don’t want to look monotonous, use patterns such as stripes, dots or checks to avoid doing too much wrong.

10. Wear the wrong underwear

You think the underwear doesn’t matter because you can’t see it anyway? You are extremely wrong. Both the appearance and the feeling contribute to the overall comfort and individual well-being. In addition, the wrong underwear can cause unsightly dents that flash through clothing. But buying a bra is not that easy for most women. You can find out what mistakes most women make when trying on clothes here .

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