10 Suit Mistakes Men Make And How To Fix Them

A suit can be considered as power dressing. It is usually worn to show your authority and professionalism. You can feel powerful, confident, sexy, polished all at the same time. A man actually radiates a lot of confidence when he wears a suit. A well tailored suit will last you for ages and though it might be a tad bit expensive you will surely enjoy wearing it from time to time. You can either buy a readymade one or get it fitted by the tailor or you can go for bespoke.

The reason why a suit or a blazer looks good is because it emphasizes your shoulder. A shoulder is very important aspect in man’s physique. A suit delivers the illusion of a broader shoulder. A suit is a special outfit in a man’s life. Every guy out there remembers the first suit purchase that he had made. It might be a little uncomfortable when you wear it for the first time but eventually you will acclimatize to the material and the fit. It is not just about wearing it; it also depends on how a man carries it on himself.

1. Picking the right shade

There is a lot of shade range when it comes to picking a suit but not all colors will flatter. Usually navy blue, deep green, black and grey are the colors that are chosen by most of the men.

2. Going for at least two fittings

You have to go for two fittings if you want the suit to look as if it was made for you then remember fittings are very important.

3. Having short sleeves

If you feel your sleeves are a little short then never wear a full sleeve shirt underneath. Never go with a half sleeve shirt. This is one of the most important tricks that you should actually know.

4. Having longer sleeves

If your sleeves are too long and you do not have an option but to wear they try to pull the fabric on your elbows to give it few creases. Always wear a short sleeved shirt in this scenario.

5. Not wearing a good shirt underneath

If you think you could wear a crinkly shirt underneath the answer is a big, fat no.

6. Button size is inappropriate

If your buttons are too big or too small your suit will not look good. Just get the buttons replaced. A matter of fifteen minutes or less.

7. Your coat and pants not exactly matching

If your coat and pants do not match then is can become a fashion faux pas. In this case, wear your jeans to compensate your pants. This would still make you look fabulous.

8. Not knowing the suit etiquette

Yes, there is suit etiquette. When you stand up the button near your upper stomach has to button and while sitting you have to open up your button. This will make is less uncomfortable.

9. Too much padding on the shoulder

If your suit has too much of padding on the shoulder it will make you look like a clown. The simple thing is that you have to get it altered or just do not wear it. Over padded shoulder is a big no no.

10. Using cufflinks

We find a lot of men wearing blazers and suits but the ones who wear cufflinks look the most polished. If you are investing in a suit then what is there in investing in a good cufflink when it promises to make you look fancier? You can find yourself some good cufflinks when there is a discount at the mall.


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