11 Ways To Style Your Plain Boring White Shirt

White shirt is an essential in everyone’s wardrobe. Wearing the same thing over and over again may seem a little boring. A white shirt can be professional, dressy or beachy. Knowing how to use it as per the occasion is really important. You might feel it a tiresome task to do so, but keeping the occasion in mind a plain white shirt can do miracles. Just few tricks up your sleeve will save you lot of burden and stress. A plain white shirt is like a blank canvas and you have to style it according to your occasion.

Investing in a good quality plain white shirt is a logical investment. You can build so many looks with one single shirt. Just playing around and experimenting is important to really know your style. There are different kinds of shirts like the boyfriend’s shirt, the slim cut, the regular etc. know what works best with you and spend your bucks on it. A white shirt is always flattering on a woman’s body and will always look crisp and neat. Proper accessories will help to any look that you are thinking of. Come on ladies let us get started.

1. The Proper Tuck In: What is really classy? A crisp white shirt tucked properly into a blue jeans or a pencil skirt. It will look professional or semi professional depending on how you style it.

2. Heavy Pendents Or Lockets: Want a little bling? This is perfect way to add it. Since a plain white shirt is like a blank canvas, it will show off your jewelry very well. This can be toned up or down depending on your choice.

3. The Wrapper On Skirt: A white shirt can also be paired with a wrapper on skirt and this will look effortless. This boho chic look is perfect for the beaches. Add some chunky black metal jewelry and you are ready to wander off.

4. Chunky Statement Belts: One way to show off your curves by adding a flattering belt to your trousers. This is a way to emphasize your curves and give an illusion of smaller waist. This is a little trick to make your outfit a little flattering.

5. Adding Bling With A Brooch: Adding a brooch to your collar will help you to add a little bling to your shirt. It will be perfect when you do not want to overdo with the sparkly jewelry.

6. Wearing Crazy Heels: Wearing some crazy heels will help to make the outfits a little novel. Red pencil heels will help give some color to your outfit. It will help you to look a little more polished.

7. Adding A Jacket: An unusual color jacket will help you to bring a pop of color and will look absolutely breath taking. Adding a jacket will make your style more polished and will save you out from the cold. Be a boss lady always.

8. Monochrome Outfit: A white shirt paired with white trousers and a white blazer will always look chic. Advantage of a monochromatic outfit is it will make you look longer and leaner. A little coffee spill might ruin everything but it will always look amazing in photos.

9. Red Lip Never Goes Out Of Style: If you are a diehard fan of Taylor Swift, you will know how much she loves her red lip. A red lip will add some color and fun element to your outfit. There are tons of red shades to choose from.

So ladies start shopping for your perfect white shirt.

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