15 Must Haves Everyone Should Have In The Cabinet

A few years ago, my closet didn’t give much except for a few cool parts. So I was faced with the daily question of how to combine my garments. It therefore took me half an eternity every morning to decide on something. At some point I made the decision to bring more structure into my closet – how I did it, I’ll tell you in this blog post..

It is necessary to think in advance which favorite pieces should not be missing and which parts you can say goodbye to. You should be merciless, because if you haven’t worn a sweater for 2 years, you are guaranteed not to wear it this year. Away with it! Trends come and go. But a few key pieces definitely deserve the permanent place in the closet – they are versatile, timeless and can be wonderfully combined. These parts fit almost always . I have now summarized my 15 must haves for you:

Leather Jacket

Unthinkable in my closet? The black leather jacket. I own 3 of them. Also one in red, blue and brown. I also have to offer mustard yellow, as you can see in the pictures. A beautiful leather jacket fits over every outfit and directly enhances it. I got my jacket from Orsay . The color makes the sunny autumn look even more colorful.

Basic Shirts – Black & White

A basic shirt is the basis for every casual outfit. Whether in layering style with a sweater over it or elegantly under a blazer, the shirt just goes. Above all, there is an innumerable selection of cuts and with prints or embroidery motifs. But pay attention to the quality, cheap shirts don’t look nice after 3 washes. Then you’d better invest a bit more, you want to have something longer.


Now we are on to the next part: the blazer. Whether with a T-shirt and jeans or with an elegant jumpsuit, a blazer makes every look special and gives it a good dose of self-confidence. Blazers don’t have to look stuffy or formal at all;


For many, it is probably THE wardrobe key piece par excellence. The classic among the basics just always fits … and above all with almost every top: a perfectly fitting pair of jeans . You should be able to move well in it, it should not slide or cut into the waistband and, above all, have the right hold on the buttocks. Light blue, dark blue and black jeans should be in every closet.

Black High Heels

There are always occasions when flat shoes are simply inappropriate. With black high heels you are always on the safe side. With this key piece, I would also recommend buying a reasonable shoe made of leather. You can quickly see whether shoes are of high quality or cheaply made.

The Little Black

It’s no surprise that you should have a little black dress in your closet. It is suitable for dinner, for cocktail evenings, for business meetings and for any other party.

White Blouse

You can never have enough white blouses. Whether classic, oversized, with ruffles or bell sleeves, they just always fit! I’ve been looking for a casual oversize blouse for so long, so far so far in vain.

Black Leather Pants

There is a bit of rock in each of us – with black leather pants we can quickly conjure up a rocky look. This key piece is a real eye-catcher, especially in the lacquer look .

Jean jacket

It is versatile, stylish and never goes out of style – the denim jacket. It can be worn (almost) all year round and is super comfortable. That is why it is indispensable in any fashion collection. Here I have already presented you 5 denim jacket trends .

Trench Coat In Beige

I have already introduced this classic to you in a separate article .

A Good Handbag

There is nothing to add because a beautiful handbag enhances every outfit and is an eye-catcher. Instead of owning countless handbags, invest in a slightly higher quality bag. This also does not have to cost a fortune.


Accessories complete every outfit. Be it a chic belt, an elegant watch, earrings, a chain or bracelets, sunglasses, a hat. The same applies to accessories: quality over quantity. Better to own a few high-quality pieces than lots of plastic and metal. Accessories can make any outfit look high-quality.


Spring or autumn – sneakers are used as fashion classics all year round. It doesn’t always have to be chunky sneakers from the 90ies – narrow shoes look very casual , especially in white, and are therefore the ideal everyday shoe.

Oversize Pullover

There are simply days when you don’t feel like figure-hugging clothes . You just need it cozy and warm. There is no part that is as cozy as a casual oversize sweater !


Even the best outfit doesn’t wear well if something pinches under it. Well-fitting underwear is therefore essential.

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