20’s Party – The Best Styling Tips

When it comes to theme parties, some topics can be found almost everywhere. The 50s, for example, the mafia motto or manga and popular series are not new to invited guests. But it looks different at a 20s party, because this topic is less common. However, the level of uncertainty is correspondingly high when it comes to the right styling. With these tips for women and men, the trip to the Twenties will be a success.

Outfit choice: women wear dress

Good music played an important role in the 1920s. Charleston from the USA, swing, jazz and hits sounded at the celebrations from the loudspeakers or were interpreted live by bands. No wonder that people liked to dance in the Twenties. And although women have gradually discovered the wearing of trousers in this decade, the dress remains the number one when it comes to celebrating.

With short dresses that are not too tight at the waist and can boast a low neckline on the back or a free shoulder area, women are already doing a lot right. Dresses with Peter Pan collars or spaghetti straps go just as well with the motto. However, these shirt dresses should never be boring, because in the 20s glittering and eye-catching embroidery, fringes and pearls were important. At best, the twenties party includes an ornate dress that shimmers, glitters when dancing, or looks more dynamic due to the moving fringes. Combined with Charleston shoes – they look like dance shoes including a strap on the top of the foot – the basis for the outfit.

Accessories for women

Women in their twenties loved it glamorous and liked to be sexy and smart. This is a good thing because it makes it easier to choose the right accessories. If you want to appear particularly stylish, wear a thick feather boa and a handbag with tulle or pearl embellishment. Also fitting to the motto are cigarette holders, fans or eye-catching pearl necklaces. If you want to appear at the party with an eye-catcher on your head, you cannot avoid the cloche, a tight and bell-like hat, or a headband with feather headdress. Horror-shop.com has set up its own category for headbands, feather boas and Co.

Feminine style: make-up and hair

The Twenties were also glamorous around the face. Women with a matching foundation and matting powder conjure up a light complexion. Blush should be applied sparingly, as a slightly pale complexion was considered chic this decade. The eyelids can be emphasized darkly, even a beautiful border with dark kohl looks in proper style. Dark red tones belong on the lips in the twenties motto. A lip liner helps with the make-up, with which the Venus arch can be emphasized again. Vintagemaedchen.de offers some help with a 20s make-up tutorial.

In the twenties, there was not only the cloche on the head, but above all beautiful hairstyles. Women do everything right with water waves for chin-length to long hair. The hair should fit closer to the top of the head and only become more voluminous towards the bottom. Anyone who wants, or who wears the hairstyle anyway, appears with a bobbed head. It can be worn smooth or wavy.

The men of the Twenties: Sporty to chic

women who go with the twenties party are of course important to a well-styled man. It would be a shame if a woman put a lot of effort into putting together her outfit, but her partner does not seem to fit the motto. Fortunately, the gentlemen also have it easy with this party theme.

There are two options for men when it comes to leg wear. Either they wear knickers with extravagant stockings or chic tuxedo trousers, which of course must then be combined with the matching tailcoat or jacket. Both knickerbockers go with slightly rougher and fine shirts or Norwegian sweaters. The look succeeds in style with a long coat and shiny black shoes.

Expert knowledge proves everyone who asks the host whether it is a black tie or white tie event. In the former, smoking is mandatory, in the latter, the outfit can also be a little more casual.

Accessories for men

While women like to appear glittering and glamorous at the 20s party, an elegant style is important for men. The tuxedo not only includes the black shoes already mentioned, but also a hat, beautiful gloves and a walking stick. Even flies or ties in bright colors are well received.

Braces are an absolutely indispensable accessory for knickers and shirts. They were simply part of the twenties, which is why they should not be missing at the party. A flat cap and a scarf complete the classic “worker look”.

Men’s hair styling of the Twenties

There is not much to decide here. Women’s twenties hairstyles were significantly more diverse than what the men’s styling gave. Strictly combed back hair, which shines thanks to pomade, perfectly corresponds to the motto. Shaved men in the twenties were also considered more attractive. Gentlemen should, however, consider carefully whether their own beard has to give way due to a theme party.

To have a little more variety on your head, wearing a hat is recommended. Particularly true to the motto, a distinction must be made between two seasons. Between the 15th of May and the 15th of September, the straw hat was a must-have in the twenties, while felt hats were popular for the rest of the year.


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