3 Questionable Fashion Trends That We Are Actually Wearing Again

These questionable fashion trends are back in the fall!  : What is the most beautiful and at the same time the crux of fashion in 2019? Everything is possible. There are no rules, grunge mixes with ballerina, Birken stocks work in the office and a ball gown can also be worn in everyday life if you want. The boundaries between beautiful and ugly blur with all possibilities. The question immediately arises: what is beautiful and what is ugly? Don’t you like everything at some point if you’ve only seen it often enough? A good example is dad sneakers or also ugly sneakers – sneakers with a chunky sole – that suddenly became the biggest shoe trend of our time. It may be similar with these questionable fashion trends, which are somehow so strange that they already have what it takes to be a highlight. What do you all mean?

Questionable fashion trends: fleece

If you trust the big fashion houses, fleece is again a relevant material in fashion. Miu Miu, Coach or 3.1 Phillip Lim rely on fleece for their autumn and winter 2019/20 collection – not just as a lining for soft hoodies, but also from the outside. You know the material from sports and outerwear and so far fleece jackets were also available in these stores. But suddenly Balenciaga & Co. design the classic yet rather questionable sweatshirts and jackets from the soft functional material. How to wear fleece?

I don’t even think fleece is that bad. If you look at the runway looks of the designers, the styling gives hope 🙂 Oversize jackets in camouflage are combined to short dresses and result in a glamorous grunge style. You can also start off subtly and rely on the warming function. So if you want to continue wearing your favorite camel coat in winter, you can wear a fleece jacket underneath.

Questionable fashion trends: hiking boots

Ugly sneakers have almost become a classic or a macro trend. So it is no wonder that the shoe trend is expanding to other models this season. Inspiration is clearly the classic hiking shoe. It is now refined with shiny leather, striking details, soles and laces. What initially takes getting used to – because of large design scissors – is a questionable fashion trend for me, which I have already fallen for. The combination of chunky and elegant is just perfect here. In addition, the shoe serves its purpose and the feet stay warm. I recently got a model in cognac with red.

How can you style hiking boots?

The hiking boots 2.0 go very well with a workwear look such as B. cargo pants or overalls. A complete denim look can also be combined with the boots. Or: Oppose the chunky hiking boots with a more elegant outfit, like a cream-colored wide trousers with a light blouse and blazer. Contrasts create the tension here.

Pantyhose in bright colors

Who would have expected children’s tights to become a thing again? These questionable fashion trends have also been announced on the catwalk for several seasons – will he make it into the mainstream this fall and winter? Tights with flowers, animal print, polka dots or in bright colors are reminiscent of crazy kindergarten outfits. Richard Quinn, Dries van Noten, Gucci and Versace did not present the tights in their kids collections, but for their elegant, adult customers. And with the right styling, it doesn’t even look that questionable!

Styling for colorful tights in autumn:

The statement tights can be combined with two other fashion trends: knee high boots and short dresses. If there are only a few centimeters left between the boots and the skirt hem, a colorful or patterned tights can flash out as a subtle detail or combine the two pieces. So the tights are not too bulky. Alternatively, you can first wear the tights under a shortened pair of pants and thus wear the 7/8 pants from summer to winter – you can see them between pants and shoes. If you want to go all in, wear the statement tights exactly like this, namely with a focus on the legs. Then wear a very simple, monotone dress.


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