3 Ultra Chic Ways To Wear Adidas Gazelles

What if we swapped our Stan Smiths for a nice pair of Gazelles ? A short time ago, Adidas Stan Smith sneakers proudly sat at the feet of fashionistas and accompanied most looks, from the most feminine to the most sportswear. The essential basketball has stood out for several years as THE pair of trendy sneakers to have in your wardrobe. In recent times, Adidas is still in the race but it is the Gazelles who are on the front of the stage thanks to the fashion icons which have fully adopted them. The pretty pair of sneakers has the advantage of being available in many current colors and it also exists in all materials whether you like it in fabric, leather or mesh! But how can you wear Adidas Gazelles while staying ultra-stylish? We offer 3 ways to wear them that will make all the difference!

The history of the Gazelle

In 1968, when the famous Stan Smiths were just launched on the market by Adidas, the Gazelle was born. It is therefore not as recent as one might think. Straight out of the sporting world, its design is inspired by a model of training shoes for athletic competitions.The Gazelle is first created in two distinct versions adapted and created to practice all sports. The blue version is launched for indoor sports and the red for outdoor sports.

It will then have a meteoric success with sportsmen before being withdrawn from sales in 1972 to reappear in the 80s. It was in 2011 that it experienced a new success with its “indoor” version. It will then have a very large variation of colors. It will then be adopted by football supporters, then Hip Hop stars and finally by celebrities like Mickael Jackson or the singer of the group Oasis to finally arrive at the foot of fashion icons like Kate Moss . It did not take less for the Gazelle to become THE chic and trendy city basketball.

Why are the Gazelles stealing the show from the Stan Smiths?

First of all the Gazelles are thin and extremely comfortable to wear. For sneakers, this is a huge advantage compared to Stan smith which are rather thick. They are therefore perfect for feminine and chic looks. The Gazelles are simple and uncluttered with their model as well made for women as for men. Adorned with three bands on each of the models, they are available in all colors from the plain version to the printed version. They are found in both canvas and leather. So there is something for everyone! It is a very comfortable sneaker that has become a real fashion accessory. It is the casual shoe to have in your closet because it adapts to many rooms very easily. Whether you are wearing a dress or pants, in winter or in summer, the Gazelle will go with all your looks ! It will also be perfect for creating a casual chic look .

How to wear Adidas Gazelles?

Gazelles matching the color of her look

Two possibilities :

  • Choose accessories in the colors of your Gazelles: for example, you will choose to associate your powdered pink Gazelles with a choker of the same range of colors to make a reminder. Be careful however if you want to make a reminder, do it sparingly and not with an overly showy piece. For example, we immediately forget the pink Gazelles and the pink pants! better to make discreet but well-chosen reminders!
  • Choose your clothes in the colors of your Gazelles: for example with the gray Gazelles you will choose a soft gray for the pants and a gray sweater. It works particularly well for the very chic and elegant total black look.

The sock: chic casual chic fashion accessory to highlight your Gazelles

As you may have noticed, glitter socks are very trendy this season. While before we hid our socks and we swore by socks, socks are fast becoming a real fashion accessory for your looks. Putting on your socks over a pair of sneakers will obviously give you a casual and urban style. This shows that you master the codes of current fashion. However, be careful not to make a mistake in choosing your socks !!

We therefore recommend the glitter socks which are ultra glamorous. We wear them rather low with its Gazelles and we choose pants or jeans which will rise slightly higher than the sock to reveal a piece of ankle. But this last detail is not compulsory especially in winter when it is cold. They can also be worn with a skirt over tights.
You can also opt for plain socks. There are some with very nice details like frills or a discreet lace border on the top.

We dare to wear Gazelles with a pretty trendy skirt

This year, the skirt is more than ever in the spotlight. Whether you like to wear it short or long, there is something for everyone and all body types! You are not a fan of high heels and are much more comfortable with your sneakers? Don’t panic, who said you can’t wear your Gazelles with a skirt? Whether you are looking to create a sportswear, chic or bohemian look, you just have to choose the style of your outfit to know which skirt to choose. For example, this winter, the pleated skirt is everywhere with the trend of neo bourgeois looks !


If you haven’t already fallen for a pretty pair of Adidas and you still hesitate on the choice of the model, we will only advise you to opt for Gazelles ! Fine and comfortable, the Gazelles are available in many colors and can be easily combined with many fashion pieces.


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