4 Chic Dresses That Fit Every Occasion

Are you looking for a cocktail dress with that certain something or a noble evening dress? We have put together the most beautiful models and the best styling tips for you. There are many elegant dresses, but some women don’t have any in their wardrobes. While the floral summer dress, the airy wrap dress or the sexy mini dress are more often shop and worn, only a few women regularly choose a really elegant cocktail dress or evening dress . Too bad, because chic dresses are not just for festivities, they can also be styled great in everyday life .

How to wear elegant clothes in everyday life? You can see that from the Royals. Because they know how to not only dress appropriately for every occasion, but also be an eye-catcher. We have been on the lookout for you – for the best styles, the most stylish styles and of course matching dresses, which you can find online. Tip: If you are wondering where to buy chic clothes? In online shops such as Breuninger, Zalando, Hallhuber or on Amazon there is a great selection of elegant and at the same time inexpensive models. We have put together the most beautiful ones for you.

Chic dresses: 1. The shift dress

Meghan Markle is a big fan of the shift dress. The sheath dress is characterized by the fact that it is simple and does not require a lot of gimmicks, such as ruffles or cut-outs. It impresses with a figure-hugging fit and a simple cut . The typical shift dress ends just above the knees. Meghan Markle prefers to wear it in midi length. A little less often you see it as a mini dress.

Most of the time, the chic dress has a square, straight neckline without a collar , but some models also have a V-neck. Many also come sleeveless, but if you want, you can shop with short sleeves. Women who want to cover their upper arms or wear the dress in winter can use dresses with three-quarter sleeves. In terms of color, there is a large selection. But: A shift dress is often only in one color . You decide which that is. A simple gray, a bright blue or even a striking mustard yellow would be possible. Just take a look at what best suits your complexion and type. There is also the variant with printed fabrics in all-over print, but this is not so classic.

Chic clothes: 2. The little black dress

The little black dress is a must-have among women’s dresses. It is as stylish as the shift dress, but offers more options in terms of its cuts and fabrics. The dress has to meet two conditions: As the name suggests, it must be completely black and not be floor-length , otherwise it would be an evening dress. The little black dress can be designed as a cocktail dress, but it doesn’t have to. Everything is allowed except for the color restrictions: tulle, embroidery, lace, velvet, sequins or frills, in A-line, with flared skirt, low back, sleeveless dress, halter straps or a deeper neckline. The little black suits for all kinds of occasions and can be spiced up with exciting accessories. For example with a tasteful brooch, a large waist belt or a statement chain.

By the way: black is not only an elegant color, but also a figure-flattering. This dress is also ideal for large sizes .

Chic dresses knee length: 3. The cocktail dress

The cocktail dress is also very elegant . It is very similar to the little black dress, but is allowed to shimmer in all possible colors. The cocktail dress is a significant part of fashion history as it was designed by none other than Christian Dior in the 1940s . Christian Dior wanted to create an elegant dress that his noble clientele could wear for an aperitif in the early evening . The cocktail dress differs from the evening dress in that it is not as opulent and festive as the floor-length evening dress, but is still a chic eye-catcher. It is intended for smaller occasions and can therefore also be styled down and combined in everyday life.

The cocktail dress may end at the knee, but the current trend dictates a midi length . However, the dress must not extend over the calf , otherwise it falls into the evening dress category. Once you have found a suitable cocktail dress, you will see how often you will wear your new favorite dress. For weddings, company parties, birthday parties, but also in the office or café. With the cocktail dress you are always perfectly dressed and never under- but never overdressed.

Chic cocktail dresses are often bought in shimmering silk, satin or lace. For which fabric, which cut or which color you choose, you should ideally depend on your complexion and your figure. An enormous flatterer is the A-line dress, which emphasizes the waist as the narrowest part of the upper body and conjures up a beautiful silhouette.

Chic dresses: 4. The evening dress

The evening dress exudes ultimate elegance. However, it should not be confused with a summer maxi dress made of cotton. Elegant evening dresses are made for the really big appearance and (if you’ve got the right model) are definitely reminiscent of haute couture. Since we don’t have the opportunity to stroll across the red carpet with an evening dress like the stars, the question naturally arises: do you actually need an evening dress? Yes of course. Because it can not only be carried out on occasions such as weddings or balls, in a more subtle model you can also look around at a romantic dinner in a star restaurant or on the dance floor . Imagine yourself in a black slip dress at the next dinner – elegant, seductive and yet not too hard.

In the case of chic evening dresses, on the other hand, the styling and the way in which they are worn are very important .

With chic evening dresses, the hem extends to the floor and you can usually only see the feet flashing out. Therefore, the choice of shoes for the evening dress should also be carefully considered. Whether you choose an evening dress with special sleeves with a lace trim, a sequined top or even a slip dress or off-shoulder dress is entirely up to you. Be careful especially with chiffon dresses that her dress instead of a side zipper long placket behind the back has. Because especially with the delicate chiffon fabric, from which evening dresses are often made, this is often too heavy and warps the fabric of the dress in an unsightly way.


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