4 Effective Pregnancy Tests At Home, How They Are Used

4 Effective Pregnancy Tests At Home : Over the years, pregnancy has been a spectacular moment in many women lives. When a woman suspects that she is expecting, she will have to verify her condition. There are variety of methods to test yourself for pregnancy but some methods are more effectual than others. You can visit a doctor, purchase a test from pharmacy but you can as well do it yourself at home using home remedies. Many women have turned towards home remedies for pregnancy tests and there is no doubt that natural pregnancy tests are more reliable than their counterparts for a number of reasons. In this article, we list some of the best remedies for pregnancy test at home and most importantly, how they are used.

1. Mustard Homemade Pregnancy Test

If your missed a period, you really don’t have to worry much on what to do. Mustard helps your body to restart the period if it is delayed but it will have no effect if you are pregnant. For this reliable home pregnancy test to be effective, you will be required to;
Soak your body in a warm bath for about 20 minutes.
Add two tablespoons of Mustard to the warm water solution and then relax for some time.
The warm water and mustard will warm up your body and you will start your period after one or two days. If continue to miss your period after some days, there is high possibility that you are pregnant. Though it’s a home remedy used to patch up delayed periods, it works perfectly as a homemade pregnancy confirmation test. It is also safe and you can try it several times.

2. Sugar Homemade Pregnancy Test

Testing for pregnancy with sugar remains to be one of the most used techniques at home. To conduct this test;
Pee in a container.
Add 2-3 tablespoons of sugar to urine in the container.
Stir well to check if it dissolves.
If you are pregnant, your pee will have a lumpy appearance. This is because HCG hormone found in urine reacts with sugar molecules and even if you stir it hardly, the sugar will not dissolve. If the sugar dissolves or not reacting with your urine, then it’s most likely that you aren’t pregnant.

4 Effective Pregnancy Tests At Home

3. Vinegar Homemade Pregnancy Test

Apart from being used in various medical treatments, vinegar can also be used to test pregnancy at home. Using vinegar to test for pregnancy without kit is not only a popular but also one the most effective tests at home.
To test for pregnancy using vinegar;
Place some freshly obtained vinegar in a container.
Add some amount of urine to it.
You will observe some bubbles appearing in the solution but you’ll have to still wait a little bit longer. If you are pregnant, the solution will start changing its color after some time. If this doesn’t happen, then it means you are not going to have a baby.

4. Toothpaste Homemade Pregnancy Test

Not all toothpastes are applicable for this do it yourself pregnancy test. The recommended ones are the plain white toothpastes or the ones that have some whiteness in them. The ones with shiny gel or more colors will not work. To conduct this test;
Pee in a container.
Transfer some amount of toothpaste to a bowl.
Place a spatula in the pee and add it to the toothpaste in a bowl.
You will spot the toothpaste turning to blue or will start fronting. This is because of HCG reaction with the toothpaste but if there is no reaction between your urine and the toothpaste, it’s most likely that you aren’t pregnant. This pregnancy test is accurate to a certain extent but it has some drawbacks. Urine makes toothpaste to froth if they are left together for some time. So use immediate results it want to be sure of your pregnancy.

Final Verdict

Although there are many easily obtainable and affordable commercial tests nowadays, there are a lot of benefits accompanying home remedies. You are not required to pay anything for pregnancy test. For women who consider privacy, home remedies gives them a chance to keep their status a secret. Nobody will witness you buying the pregnancy test at store thus it will be a secret that not even a single person will know. So try any of these remedies for successful pregnancy test.