4 Fashion Trends Worth The Hype

It is a little hard to say goodbye to all the good times we had in 2019 but it’ll be less hard to wave goodbye to the fashion trends of that year, they were just so last year. There were so many celebrities who later were called the trendsetter of the year because of their outfits, there were some who had major fashion disasters as well. But nevertheless, we love fashion trends and cultures. Though some do not work for us. While celebrating a new decade of new styles lets pick some of the trends which are worth the hype.

Coming across so many different styles of work and references, we can clearly say that fashion designers have done some amazing work. the noise of new and at times confusing trends kept us all in the chaos. We experienced a range of moments in the fashion weeks in 2019. And now its time to choose what you actually want to keep back in your closet and wave goodbyes to. As we head 2020, no more settling for less. Here is the list of 4 fashion trends according to us which are worth the hype.

Shell Jewelry

jewelry came into trend in 2018 and certainly, there was no sign of slowing in 2019as well. You see so many fashion bloggers and influencers obsessed with these shell jewelry. We do not see it during the winters but it explodes in summer. You see most of them pairing a shell necklace with layered chains and a floral dress or sometimes even with shorts and tees. Pieces of jewelry made from shells have been around for thousands of years now and fashion experts say it will appear again and again. So this has to be the trend which is worth a try, this summer when you plan your vacay make sure you have a piece of shell jewelry in your bag.


is so far the longest-lasting trends of any list and for several reasons. Tie-dyes was introduced in 2010 and has been in trend for a decade now. These have really interesting prints, and the technique itself has a long story. The tie-dye is one of the most refreshing summer fashion trends worth trying this season. If you’re looking for an easy and simple way to to get into the trend this season then you should definitely give this a thumbs up, try a single statement piece with minimal jewelry and it will do its magic.


pieces have also been trending for a while now and yes they are still major fashion trends worth trying. If you have a beautiful body and you want to flaunt your curves, there’s nothing better than jumpsuits. You simply throw it on and instantly look stunning. These are super stylish and comfortable, style with heels to dress them up or just your casual sneakers to keep it casual it’ll work either way. Try an overall print if you want to look trendy, something like polka dots or even animal prints will work.

Biker shorts

you’re a fan of the Kardashians then you exactly know what we are talking about. This trend grew hand in hand with Bermuda shorts. It’s a great length to use with most tops doesn’t matter if it’s an oversized hoodie of crop tops. You can even pair them out with your workout gear. To be really on-trend consider wearing them with a tailored blazer. You can also opt for some good gold or silver accessories to channelize your inner Kardashian.


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