4 Ways To Wear A Woman’s Suit In Style

The tailored pants formerly reserved for office outfits represented the perfect look of the business woman.¬†Widely democratized since then, the tailor has become a real fashion piece, widely adopted by fashion bloggers. This season, the new trend is for women ‘s tailor suits . The total look is elegant but is also intended to be casual, sportswear or chic depending on the clothing combinations we give it. Whether you are going out with friends, going to a chic wedding or looking for an elegant outfit, discover the different ways to wear the woman’s suit .

How to wear a woman’s suit?

To adopt a trend without making a faux pas fashion, it is enough to be inspired by influencers. Instagrammers offer us endless inspiration. You just have to surf a few minutes on Pinterest or Instagram to find avant-garde looks or classic looks that we wouldn’t have dared to adopt without a little help!

Here are 4 styles of clothing to find the look that suits you and wear the suit with style .

The feminine / masculine style

The timeless masculine feminine style is constantly reinventing itself with ever stronger codes each season. This year, the cuts are sometimes oversized, sometimes adjusted, but still perfectly blend touches of femininity on a masculine-inspired look. The tailor is one of the key pieces of the androgynous look . The top model Aymeline Valade is also a follower of this style.

It is therefore logical that the tailor set brings its modern and contemporary touch to male / female looks. To adopt this look while remaining feminine, play with the dress codes of men and women by adding mixed pieces. You can for example opt for derbies or moccasins (shoes worn by both women and men). Under your tuxedo, why not choose a white shirt for a total boyish look.

The cut of your tailor is also very important for a successful look. Be sure to choose a cut that suits your body shape. Some oversize models do not fit all body types. To find the perfect outfit, no secrets! You have to try different models.

The chic style

For a chic and sophisticated look, the tailor set is an essential piece. It is also a perfect outfit to go to a chic wedding. Although we are used to opting for a beautiful formal dress, certain fashion pieces are revealed to create real chic and trendy looks. This is the case, for example, with backless combinations which bring character in no time. Do you imagine arriving at a celebration with a beautiful set of chic woman tailor for a wedding ? You would quickly create a sensation in your outfit!

How to wear the chic woman’s tailor suit?

First, be sure to choose a fitted cut to highlight your curves. Then dare the color! Tailor sets are available in all colors! From the total electric blue to fir green look, from fuschia to white, there is something for everyone.

Obviously for a glamorous chic look , you will have to opt for a beautiful pair of pumps or high heels. You can wear your suit jacket open or closed, but always choose an elegant top in a beautiful material (silk top, lace top etc). Do not overdo it but still leave your bust free.

You can for example add a chic pocket to your outfit or belt your jacket for a trendy chic look.

The retro style

The 90s continue to inspire current ready-to-wear collections with the return of unstructured shoulders, balloon sleeves and high-waisted jeans with a wide cut. The cuts are intended to be wider and wider with ever more marked sizes. The suit set does not escape the trend and takes on a retro look with vintage cuts like the palazzo or the flare (eph legs).

You can also bring the retro touch thanks to the print, color and material of your suit. Opt for houndstooth, Prince of Wales, tartan, tweed, corduroy, or plain but flashy tones like candy pink, chick yellow, pastel green etc.

The casual chic style

Here is a look that we like very much! Combine a tailored suit with sneakers for the perfect casual chic look . Your sneakers will bring the casual touch and your ensemble the sophisticated touch. Opt for a basic white t-shirt under your jacket, mix it all with sneakers and you will get an ultra trendy look.

This type of outfit is worn on any occasion contrary to what one might think. Dare to start! You can find tailor-made sets for women at Mango or Zara at very affordable prices.

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