5 Best Style Tips For Teens

Teenage can be a very demanding and challenging time of a person’s life. We have to cope up with studies, real friends, peer pressure and a hell lot more. It is that official age where you cannot dress like a kid but you do not want to look like an old hag. It is that age where the young adults like to dress like as if it was Halloween every day or go extra pink with their outfits surely you can find different people developing their own sense of style. It could be extremely frustrating to pick up clothes say because of hormonal imbalances that we tend to get in that age.

These days with the advancement in technology, and the ever increasing use of social media we can say the gen-Z has lot of fashion sense than ever. Though dressing might be easy for us but it is not for the teenagers out there. They want to look their best but have limited amount of resources. ‘Party? OMG I have nothing to wear!’ is something that every teenager out there thinks. Well using a little bit of your creativity will help you to make the most boring outfit an interesting one.

1. Make The Most Out Of Your Resources

Yes, this might feel tiresome but mixing and matching your outfits will defiantly help you by not making you desperate to invest your little pocket money into something that you will eventually get bored of. Purchasing a multipurpose garment is something you should do. Think of the craziest mixing and matching you can voila you have a new outfit every time.

2. A Little Bling Would Not Hurt

Since you are in you possibly best or worst possible years, this is the only age where you can pull off anything blinging. You would defiantly not overdo when it comes to sequins or sparkly stuff. Take this as a blessing and try to maximize the use of it. You go with pearls, white stones, sequins or anything that can capture the attention. You could possibly overdo with bling but you can always tone it down to the situation’s requirements.

3. Try To Be Comfortable In What You Wear

Being comfortable should be a top priority. Wearing something out of the box is impressive but not at the cost of comfort. If you are not comfortable wearing dresses with short hems, do not do it. Since it is an age where you are vulnerable to your discomfort, it will surely show up on your face. Try to make risqué choices with something you are comfortable in. Try out new prints, new styles there and there is an ocean to explore.

4. Fun Prints, Fun Colors And Everything Fun

Remember this is the age is all about having fun. Be carefree and enjoy the colorful world. Wearing funky prints that no one could pull off is the thing you should be doing. You could wear something really out of the box and not look like an alien, say it is kind of blessing in disguise. Loud colors similarly are to be explored. You can pull of the brightest of the brightest colors that you could ever possibly imagine. From neon green, to lemon yellow, to bright reds or some awkward shade of pink anything you ever dreamed of.

5. Try Not To Be Somebody You Are Not

One thing that you might end up wasting your precious teens is trying to look like someone else you are not. Say it the influence of social media or just the hormonal imbalance, try to always wear what you like.


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