5 Cardigan Trends For Women

If there is a basic part that is worth having in the closet at any time of the year, it is the cardigan. Because it is not only extremely cozy, but also a casual alternative to a blazer – and can be easily thrown over almost any outfit on not so warm summer evenings. In short: the feel-good cardigan is a cozy fashion must-have. STYLEBOOK knows which models are popular now.

Short cardigans with a wide fit

At first glance, they are reminiscent of the boring o815 cardigans, of which every woman has at least one hanging in the closet – for the days when you don’t really know what to wear. At second glance, however, there is something different: The new, buttoned knitted parts – unlike their predecessors – are made of thick knit, are a lot shorter and, above all, are larger.

What also distinguishes them from the classic, figure-hugging knit jackets is the way in which the trend pieces are worn: Instead of being open and with a shirt underneath, the new cardigans are worn like a knitted sweater. Say: buttoned up, a top or shirt underneath is not absolutely necessary. If the whole thing is too naked for you or if you choose a model made of perforated knit, you can of course pull something underneath. Sweet is a top with a lace trim that peeps out slightly from under the neckline, warmer, more attracted and cooler is the combination with fine knit wheelchairs. But still applies: Please wear the cardigan closed!

Cardigans with statement sleeves

This year, the focus is on the arms: puffed sleeves, extra-long variants and eye-catching applications draw attention to the arm area and thus provide a completely different silhouette than we were used to from women’s fashion in previous years. The result: new, cool and extremely stylish pieces that don’t look basic at all.

Oversized cardigans

Oversized coats were extremely popular in winter, and now the cardigan counterpart is also very popular. The effect is the same as with the coat version: cardigans that seem somehow too long make the look special. Less is more here, the simple combination of a white t-shirt, jeans and sneakers is enough for a stylish look, but together with an overlong cardigan it somehow becomes special. Alternatively, you can simply do without pants, thanks to the long fit.

However, not only the wow effect is the same as with the coat version, the catch also remains: XXL-size cardigans tend to be more suitable for tall women, at least the variants that reach to the middle of the calf. Small women quickly get lost in the overlong pieces and should therefore prefer to use slightly shorter models that end at about knee height. If you really want a very, very long jacket, the handle makes a thin variant, otherwise it won’t look stylish oversized anymore, but just too big.

Cardigans with belt

It gets elegant with these cardigan models: The medium-length knitted parts come with an integrated belt and thus get a chic upgrade. Plus point: The waist is skilfully staged, but thanks to the soft material, the elegant cardigan does not lose any of its comfort.

Again, the following applies: A closed cardigan is mandatory, otherwise the belted look makes little sense. Apart from that, there are no limits to the imagination when it comes to styling. The bandage cardigan with a wheelchair underneath looks at least as cool as without, but can also be worn over a chic summer dress without any problems . Also possible (if the knitted part turns out long enough): The belt cardigan as a knitted dress.

Medium-length, oversized cardigans

All frostbite can be happy: Even in summer you don’t have to do without heavy knits and fluffy fabrics. The warm materials find their way into our summer wardrobe in the form of medium-length, oversized cardigans. But: The cuddly parts can score with wearing comfort, but are not exactly figure-flattering thanks to the voluminous shape.

To counteract the disadvantageous cut a little, we recommend combining it with a pair of skinny jeans or shorts. Because: If it is wide at the top, it may like to be figure-hugging at the bottom – the ratio makes the stylish difference. If you want to buy extra optical kilos for a cool look, you can also combine the cardigan with wide slouchy jeans or a summer dress. Then it is best to wear platform shoes or sandals with heels to stretch the silhouette a bit.


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