5 Different Types Of Engagement Rings

Every relationship is unique and significant in its own way. The most special among them is “Marriage”. It is a bond that connects two souls till the very last breath of their lives. Marriage is a term which itself is a synonym of “biggest celebration of life” for any human and “Engagement” is actually said to be the beginning of this celebration. While thinking about all the customs and traditions that are involved, Engagement ring is the most important symbol that represents the formal agreement between two people who want to cherish their lives together forever. As a scientific known fact, left hand ring finger’s vein is directly connected to heart so the Engagement ring is said to be worn on this special finger only.

There comes a state of perplexity while choosing the engagement rings. There is a huge variety of rings in the market with diversity in metal, properties and range. Here through this article, you will surely get some aid to clear your doubtful thoughts regarding the different varieties of rings. Exquisite Types of Engagement Rings: There is diverse assortment in terms of rings according to the money in your pocket. The factors that matter while buying this precious jewellery are purity, clarity, weight and color.

Yellow Gold Rings

14 Karat to 18 Karat is the general recommended weight which is used for making the engagement rings, where “K” in Karat represents the percentage of gold used in the ring. Yellow Gold is the most classic type of metals used for engagement rings since ages and still popular mainly because of its feature of getting resized easily as compared to other metals.

White Gold Rings

White gold is more popular than yellow gold in terms of durability and strength. This metal is basically an alloy of gold with white metal like Palladium, Manganese or Nickel, which gives awesome hue and becomes a perfect choice for the people who want to buy engagement rings appearing like platinum but are less expensive than that. But, it surely requires more maintenance in terms of cleanliness.

Rose Gold Rings

For adding uniqueness and more romantic atmosphere in your engagement you can opt this type of ring which was once commonly known as Russian ring because of its popularity in that place. It is also referred as “Red Gold” or “Pink Gold” and is basically an alloy of gold and copper. In terms of strength, Rose Gold is strongest when compared to Yellow and White Gold.

Platinum Rings

Talking about the most rare and durable type of metal ring is the platinum ring. These are also the most expensive ones because of their unique metal characteristics. It perfectly defines the exquisite beauty of diamond studded in this metal or can be made in form of simple plane band, which is most common form of Platinum rings

Diamond Rings

While simple gold rings has its own vintage importance, “diamond” studded metal rings has set its benchmark in the market of stylish and unique jewellery. The term “Carat” defines the size of this precious gem used in the ring. Distinctive style of diamond rings includes Solitaire ring in which a single diamond is studded beautifully in any piece of metal be it yellow, white, rose, or platinum. Other popular styles are cluster round style, cluster princess style, and three stone style where group of diamonds are used to craft the ring in different shapes like heart, pearl, oval and marquise.

Hence, in this beautiful sparkling ocean of Engagement Rings, you can choose your best one to be that special one.


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