5 Fashion Trends To Remember This Summer

The hour of the beautiful days has almost struck. Who says new season, says new fashion trends to discover! This summer promises to be flamboyant and chic. There will be intense colors on the program, oversized cuts and prints that are both retro and colorful. What are the essential pieces to have in your wardrobe? Discover 5 fashion trends to adopt urgently.

Baby doll white dress

This is the strong trend that appeared on the catwalks of Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Week : the baby doll cut . With its false airs of a wise little girl, the baby doll cut seduces by its retro and romantic side with its voluminous shapes and oversized sleeves.

Hats, caps and accessories

This summer, we are putting on headgear of all kinds: hats, caps, capelines and other trendy accessories. Because yes, in addition to protecting us from the sun’s rays, the hat gives style to any outfit. It is the fashion piece to have in your wardrobe this season. The codes have indeed changed this year, exit “streetwear”. Today’s looks mix clothing styles for chic urban styles that are more fashionable than ever. The cap is no longer reserved for “sportswear” looks. To wear the cap in style , we are inspired by celebrities and we adopt the cap with a long dress, a skirt or a perfecto.

If you are looking for trendy models, we recommend Headict, a top hat site> go see ! You will find your happiness among the wide variety of products available. A chic event? Adorn yourself with an elegant capeline with a lace jumpsuit or a sublime backless. Looking for a summer look? Hop, we put on a straw hat or a spring hat. It’s very simple, there are a multitude of trendy hats this season. You just have to choose the shape suited to your face: boater, beret, cap, spring hat, capeline…

The XXL blazer

Whether checkered, sequined or uniform, the blazer will be everywhere this summer and in particular the oversized blazer. From the men’s wardrobe, the XXL blazer is nevertheless a flagship piece to create a modern and feminine look. There are a thousand and one ways to wear the XXL blazer

  • In podium version: with Bermuda shorts and sneakers.
  • In a casual chic version with jeans and a lace blouse.
  • In a casual version with destroy jeans or boyfriend jeans and a pair of Dad shoes.

To be on the cutting edge of fashion, you can also choose the “nineties” version of the XXL blazer with gathered shoulder pads. This detail will immediately bring style to your outfit.

Balloon sleeves

Widely adopted by fashion influencers, balloon sleeves are everywhere in the streets. We see it on dresses, blouses, tops in maxi-sleeves, short sleeves, gathered sleeves or balloon sleeves. As long as you have chosen a colorful look, the volumes will completely redesign your silhouette with elegance. The puffed sleeves bring an incredibly feminine and romantic touch. We like them whether they are discreet or XXL version, short or long.

The intertwined link necklace

This year marks the return of the 90s to our wardrobes with its “gold” jewelry and large intertwined links. A trend a bit nostalgic for fun and colorful years that allows us to bring a rock touch to our modern outfits. By wearing a large link necklace, you will instantly warm up your look and give it a couture look worthy of fashion shows. How to wear the link necklace?

  • For a retro look doubly successful, wear your link necklace in ” choker ” mode , close to the neck.
  • Layer your necklace with other long or multi-row necklaces.


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