5 Jeans Pieces That Shouldn’t Be Missing In Any Closet

Jeans have asserted themselves in the fashion world for almost 150 years and hang in the closet even with those who are fond of fashion. But why always only wear denim trousers? In our styling guide, we show five jeans that you are always properly dressed with. Regardless of short-lived trends, denim is a material that is made to last: The robust and at the same time comfortable material is so popular that the fashion industry quickly came up with new uses for it, apart from classic jeans, for example with blouses, skirts or jackets Denim. Which parts of women 40plus should not be missing in the wardrobe and in which variants the blue fabric is not only suitable for casual everyday outfits, but also in the office? We will clarify this in our denim guide.

Denim: From worker fabric to trend material

The riveted reinforced work trousers have experienced a lot since their birth in 1873, when textile dealer Levi Strauss applied for the patent: The “original jeans” made of indigo blue denim have undergone a change from the hard-wearing work trousers to the coveted fashion item that received more than just a facelift. Designers use jeans to express their creativity – and created models in new washes, unusual cuts and with rhinestones, patches, rivets or other eye-catching details. It is hardly surprising that the popular denim material was “misused” for jackets, dresses and skirts in the A-line in the 1970s. Since then, the blue material, which due to its robustness is suitable as the basis for many different cuts and garments, has become an integral part of everyday fashion.

Denim must-haves: 5 pieces that will accompany you for a long time

With the right care, trousers, shirts and the like made of denim, even with frequent wear and washing, will keep favorite items in the wardrobe that you can always rely on and with which you will always be fashionably and comfortably dressed (provided the fit is correct, but that too) later more). Unsure if you already have the most important fashion basics made of denim? Then you should read our checklist – because these five denim pieces will faithfully accompany you on many different occasions:

The straight leg jeans

Okay, it is not particularly imaginative to start a list of absolute denim must-haves with jeans. Nevertheless, this classic should not be missing: straight leg jeans in a dark, classic wash without eye-catching details suits every woman regardless of age and shape. The perfect model can be worn wonderfully casually in summer with a t-shirt and sandals, in winter with a sweater and boots or – if the business dress code allows – with a shirt blouse, blazer and pumps in the office.

Shopping tip: If you value comfort with jeans, a model with stretch is recommended. So that the denim pants cut a good figure, nothing should pinch or tension. With the position of the back pockets and side seams, you can cheat yourself a little slimmer: Small, closely spaced pockets make the buttocks appear smaller, seams slightly offset forward make narrow legs.

The denim shirt

You don’t have a denim shirt in your closet? The time has come! Because the denim tops are not only extremely comfortable, they also show off the figure in slightly tailored cuts. In everyday office life, a dark denim shirt is a nice break from style with an elegant pencil skirt and pumps. Plus point: You can just as casually convert the denim shirt into a cardigan replacement in autumn and winter.

The denim jacket

Denim jackets are only for teenagers? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! The casual denim part makes a shift or lace dress suitable for leisure time in the summer and can be styled together with jeans in a similar wash to create a stylish denim all-over outfit. In the cooler months, you can wear a layered-look denim jacket, for example, instead of a cardigan as a warming extra layer over a T-shirt or long-sleeved shirt or elegantly with a blouse.

If you want to expand your outerwear repertoire with a denim jacket, a classic model made of dark denim without cracks or striking details such as rivets and the like is recommended. Even more casual and a little more extravagant is a variant with an 80s look and an oversized cut made of light washed denim – or you can simply grab your loved one’s old denim jacket.

Shopping tip: A great alternative to short denim jackets for women 40plus are coats in a trench coat style made of denim. They are more casual than a wool coat, but they are more versatile and also look great as a break in style with a chic dress.

The denim dress

Whether as a long-sleeved shirt dress in autumn and winter or in the sleeveless variant with a button placket in summer: the robust denim fabric looks wonderfully feminine as a denim dress. For figure-hugging cuts, denim dresses with a percentage of elastane are a good choice because they adapt to the shape of the body while offering great comfort. When buying the denim dress, pay attention to the fit: on a model with a button placket, nothing should stretch. Styling tip: Are you afraid of showing too much cleavage with a strap denim dress? Then just go for a fashionable layered look: a shift dress made of denim looks particularly charming when you wear it over a striped shirt with short or long sleeves – très français!

Put on the perfect fit

Is the denim part one size too big when trying it on in the store or does it pinch in one or the other place? Then: do not buy! Items of clothing that already sit poorly in the changing room turn out to be bad purchases at the latest when styling in everyday life and are sorted out in the closet during the next cleaning out operation. Fit tip: Even jeans or skirts without stretch content expand after repeated wear. Therefore, it is better to buy a well-fitting model that does not become too large even after repeated wear.

quality before quantity

The prices can be very different, especially for jeans. Obviously it is tempting to buy a pair of jeans or other denim for 15 euros. Especially when it comes to fashion made from denim: quality costs. Because the more or less complex manufacturing processes for expensive and inexpensive jeans are noticeable in the purchase price. So if you want to keep the garment for as long as possible without losing its shape and appearance after a short time, it is worthwhile to occasionally opt for a slightly more expensive model. You don’t have to spend a small fortune on high-quality jeans parts: fair fashion labels and quality brands from the middle price segment offer jeans, shirts or dresses from around 60 to 80 euros.


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