5 Jewelry Trends That Suit Every Woman

Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe already knew: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. But it doesn’t have to be brilliants: Even simple gold and silver jewelry or alloyed jewelry gives your look the finishing touch. If you want to add a few new items to your jewelry collection, you’ve come to the right place: We presents five wearable jewelry trends that will become important in 2019 and are guaranteed to be available in different versions to every type of woman – including you!


Originally, fishermen and sailors wore hoop earrings with engraved initials to make them easier to identify after a ship accident. Therefore, they are also called sailor earrings. The golden XL variant in the Gypsy style finally paved the way for the earrings into fashion. At the beginning of the 2000s, the hype around the earrings reached its peak – combined with crop-free shimmer tops and flared jeans.

2018 witnessed Hoops her fashion comeback, which continues in the coming year when it comes to the collection of luxury labels like Jacquemus, Prabal Gurung and Valentino: The trend jewelry as allowed on the earlobe its wearer classic XL Creole , as a massive variation with smaller diameter or with pendants like small coins or pearls that playfully dangle from the gold or silver hoops. Particularly practical: Thanks to versatile designs, sizes and materials, hoops have a suitable pair for every woman and face shape.

Chain layering

When it comes to current jewelry trends, a chain rarely comes alone in 2019: necklaces are now not worn alone, but wildly combined. The name for the trend: jewelry layering . How many and which chains you layer is entirely up to your willingness to experiment and whim: either you stay with a similar type of chain, for example filigree gold chains with pendants. Or you can combine different materials , designs and chain lengths with each other, for example an extra-long pearl necklace to a gold chain with a pendant and a coarser link chain in between. Or would you prefer different ethnic necklaces? This jewelry variant is also trendy in 2019.


2019 is the year of the “Charms”: jewelry pendants with hooks that can be added to or replaced on chains and bracelets. The German jewelry designer Thomas Sabo successfully brought back the classic charm bracelet with this jewelry concept in the early 2000s . New in the coming season: the pendants adorn not only chains and bracelets , but also earrings , belts or even handbags. In this way you can individualize every conceivable accessory with your favorite charm. A piece of jewelry with a personalized charm is also a nice gift idea that shows the recipient how well you know him – for example with a pendant of the favorite animal, a lipstick for beauty fans or a miniature stiletto for high-heel lovers.


This 2019 jewelry trend takes you back to ancient Rome – with chains , bracelets , anklets and earrings with coin pendants that are reminiscent of the ancient currency. When it comes to jewelry design, femininity is set against opulence and extravagance next year. This is how jewelry opposites such as rough link chains and delicate necklaces meet with solid or discreet coin pendants. In spring and summer, the coin jewelry with fluttering clothes and light, flowing fabrics creates hippie feelings, in autumn and winter it enhances simple cuddly outfits.


Courage to be feminine is the motto of the 2019 jewelry trends. A pleasant contrast to the sometimes eccentric looks that will shape the fashion world in the coming season. And a trend that is really portable. Because delicate chains , pure or with small pendants, simple ear studs with diamonds, elegant baguette rings or jewelry with shimmering pearls are very popular next year – and with their filigree optics they can be combined in so many ways that every woman will find a suitable favorite item.


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