5 Outfits – 2 Pieces! Guaranteed To Be Well Dressed With These Looks

We are always well dressed with these looks! : Do you also know that when you see women on the street who just look great without effort and you think to yourself: How does she do that? Today I would like to show you the secret trick with which you are immediately well dressed – wow effect guaranteed, It does not depend on the amount of clothing, but on WHAT you wear. Because just two pieces can create looks that always look good and are guaranteed to look more elaborate than they are. And the best? Most of the clothes you already have in your closet! Let’s go – with 5 looks, each consisting of only 2 parts and with which you are always well dressed!

Checkered trousers and white t-shirt / longsleeve

Check pants are one of THE pants trends and I am sure that these pants will stay with us for a long time. If you don’t have one yet – now is the ideal time to invest in this timeless classic! Because in combination with a basic shirt such as a white t-shirt, a longsleeve or a blouse, you look chic. The look fulfills the dress code elegantly casual and fits in the office or on other occasions. With shoes and accessories, you can style the outfit more casually or chic, depending on your needs. Everyday sneakers and ankle boots or heels for after-work drinks.

Blazer and midi skirt

You are guaranteed to have these two pieces at home: a blazer and a midi skirt. Combined, these two parts conjure up a really cool look with little effort. My tip for even more eye-catching effects are accessories such as a waist belt for a more beautiful silhouette and jewelry. If you like it a bit simpler, you can use a plain-colored combination, but patterns are also a great eye-catcher in summer.

Midi satin skirt and sweater made of knit or cashmere

It continues with the perfect choice for the transition period or cooler summer evenings. The combination of different, contrasting materials are often responsible for the look of well-dressed women. For example satin and knit. While the just so trendy, narrow-cut midi skirts made of satin look super delicate, the girlish look is broken with a shortened sweater made of knitwear (cooler) or cashmere (more elegant). Here too, you can combine filigree jewelry or statement jewelry. In summer, sandals, sneakers or sandals fit.

Two-piece made of pants and blazer

A power look that is guaranteed to be well dressed – because none other than Yves Saint Laurent personally invented the suit for women in the 1960s. To this day, the two-piece is the secret formula for a serious style that consists of only two parts and is guaranteed to be a timeless classic in the wardrobe. The beautiful? In the meantime, the pants suit is no longer just in the office, but also in leisure time. Simply exchange the pumps for sneakers. An absolute must-have for me either way 🙂

Maxidress and Maxicoat

Here I have already written down a guide for the perfect maxi dress for your figure . For a look that is always well dressed, you just throw an equally long coat over it. Such as the classic in the wardrobe – a trench coat. All black with maxi dress and maxicoat makes the outfit look chic, but if you wear a flower dress with a colored coat over it, the outfit becomes a highlight and looks guaranteed to be more than it actually is. After all, you really only need two parts for all five looks.


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