5 Second-hand Parts That Are Worthwhile

Whether a well-fitting blazer or straight leg jeans: some items of clothing never go out of style. In addition, classics from past decades usually have better quality than newly produced fast fashion. With these five parts, you should access vintage shopping. With the tendency towards more and more sustainability in everyday life, second-hand shopping is also becoming increasingly popular.

Giving a new life to unloved clothing that has been sorted out by other people with a second-hand purchase protects the environment and is therefore a green alternative to short-lived fast fashion. Anyone who has dealt a little more intensely with vintage clothing knows that while many items of clothing are now produced in questionable quality due to cost and time savings and already go off the seams the second or third time they are worn or washed, retro fashion is often much better processed.

Especially in the 70s , 80s and 90s, skirts, coats or trousers were mostly made with more care and from higher quality textiles. This can also be seen in the fact that second-hand and vintage shops mainly offer items of clothing from these decades, some of which still look new despite their proud age. So one more reason to look for second-hand items for your own wardrobe. Which fashion classics are particularly worthwhile when buying second-hand and which tricks can be used to style the retro pieces in a contemporary manner.

Trench coat

Whether for women or men: a trench coat is a timeless transition jacket that makes even the simplest outfit look a little chic. Invented in 1914 by Thomas Burberry, the “father of the trench coat”, the robust coat quickly became a favorite of wardrobes, which found its way into women’s fashion at the latest with Audrey Hepburn’s model in the Hollywood classic “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Vintage models from Burberry, the trench coat label par excellence, can often be found both in stationary second-hand shops and on online portals such as eBay, Kleiderkreisel or Vestiaire Collective. While the new cotton gabardine models easily cost 2,000 euros and more, with a bit of luck vintage coats from Burberry are already available for around 100 to 150 euros.

Second-hand trench coats can also be found from no-name labels and other manufacturers. The advantage of second-hand models over new trench coats: Models from the 80s and 90s in particular score with their unusual look, for example with contrasting hand pockets, material mix or eye-catching belt buckles. Extravagant patent leather coats from the 1960s can still be found in vintage shops. With a unique retro piece, you are guaranteed to stand out from the mass-produced trench coats of large fashion chains.

Mom Jeans and Straight Leg Jeans

No matter how much or little you are interested in fashion: you are guaranteed to have at least a pair of jeans in your closet, right? Vintage models such as the popular Levi’s “501”, a straight-leg long-time favorite in the jeans world, show us how robust the denim pants really are. The cult classic’s trousers classics are much sought after – so much so that the label rummaged through its archives and produced a “new old collection” with refurbished vintage Levi’s. But it does not have to be expensive retro jeans from a brand manufacturer: Whether at the flea market, online portals for second-hand clothing or a second-hand shop: vintage jeans from Lee, Wrangler or Levi’s are easy to find.

Blazer: plaid, velvet, tweed & co.

Regardless of the personal fashion style, women of all ages appreciate a blazer as a styling all-rounder. The classic in black makes casual looks elegant with jeans and a T-shirt, an oversize model made of cord, velvet or other eye-catching materials gives midi dresses and boots a retro touch. A bonus point for vintage blazers: models of luxury labels such as Armani, Escada or Strenesse can be bought at a bargain price with a little luck and are available in second-hand shops in versatile designs from different decades. Second-hand plaid blazers are particularly recommended: The patterned fashion classics have been making a comeback for several seasons and can be found in many clothing sizes. Another good second-hand purchase: Blazer made of high qualityTweed , pure new wool or wool.

Midi skirts

Mini and maxi-length skirts are often far too short, too long, or the retro proportions simply don’t look advantageous. The situation is quite different for midi skirts: thanks to the current collections from Dior and other luxury brands, the knee-hugging fashion classics are not only particularly popular, but also have an advantageous effect on every type of figure. This also applies to vintage models: a pencil skirt conjures up a female hourglass figure and is available secondhand in a huge selection – from classic parts made of wool, jersey or polyester to check skirts to rocking models made of (fake) leather. An equally recommended addition to your wardrobe is a pleated skirtcombined with a shirt blouse becomes a business outfit. The vintage highlight for fans of feminine clothing: floral skirts in midi length are available in well-stocked second-hand shops in countless variations, which thanks to the elastic waistband and A-line are comfortable to wear and versatile to style.

Shirt blouses

Newly purchased blouses are often made of polyester and annoy us at the latest when a seam has opened or the first button has fallen off after the first wash. Although there are also numerous polyester blouses hanging in second-hand shops, there are usually just as many models made of high-quality natural materials. Look for a simple vintage silk or cotton blouse that comes in all the colors of the rainbow. More curvy women will also find what they are looking for in second-hand shirt blouses, for example in oversize models, which mainly come from the 1980s. There are plain colored blouses as well as playful models with stripes, Dots, flowers or graphic prints. Before buying, look for stains that often appear on the armpits of vintage blouses.

Even those who are looking for a top blouse can hit the bull’s eye online or offline with second-hand clothing. In contrast to new lace blouses, vintage models are mostly made of cotton lace and are therefore more durable and breathable than their modern counterparts made of synthetic fibers.


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