5 Shirts That Every Guy Must Have In His Wardrobe

If you thought that only women had the option of styling then think it over again guys. Men also have different variety of shirts that they must own once in their life time. Usually guys have the only option to dress up in shirts and hence they must own a lot of them. We all know how much struggle is to pick one shirt from your favorite brand. The probable problem that occurs usually is that guys do not take risks and hence they end up looking boring all the time.

When you wear what you love, you actually radiate a lot more confidence. Try to dress up in different styles and switch gears so that you look fresh and new every time. It is all about experimenting that will help you to look the best. First thing that you must really focus on is grooming yourself to perfection and then wearing your preferred clothes. You will see a stark difference. Pamper yourself with a good haircut and a trimmed beard, you will automatically find that anything and everything you wear will suit you. So here’s a list of shirts you must own.

1. A crisp plain white shirt

When you do not understand what to wear for a particular occasion then just pick your plain white shirt. A plain white shirt in a guy’s wardrobe is like a sovereign. You can dress it up professionally by wearing a formal pant under or you could wear it with your blue jeans for a semi-casual look that looks perfect for a date. One thing that has to be remembered is that it’s white and can stain easily. After some washes it tends to get yellowish in color if not maintained properly.

2. A plain black shirt

Want to go out in style? Then this is something that you should actually own. You can wear it to the office especially under your suit or blazer and this looks extremely fabulous. This can be a perfect clubbing outfit choice if you pair it with your denims. A black shirt looks good on almost every one. The thing you need to be careful about is its color fading away. If you are planning to wash your black shirt then dry it indoors because the color may fade away with the exposure to sunlight.

3. Good stack of tee shirts

A tee shirt has become an element that can be worn at any instance and you will look good. It should be noted that you have to pick something that fits you perfectly. One common mistake that guys make is that they pick something too small or too large for themselves. If you are going for tee shirt shopping then take someone to assist you. Try to buy plain tee shirts or tee shirts with minimal prints as they will not fade away that easily. A tee shirt is like a guy’s best friend.

4. Say hey to sweatshirts

There is actually something about that sweatshirt that makes a guy look younger and looks stylish, geeky and relaxed. A sweat shirt will protect you from the cold as well as make you look stylish all at the same time. It is like hitting two birds with one stone.

5. Dry fit tee shirts for workouts

If you are that guy who hits the gym without missing a single day then you must own a good dry fit tee shirt. Even if you don’t work out you can still wear them because they look really cool and effortless.


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