5 Simple Styling Tricks That Make You Look Great Right Away

You don’t need a closet full of designer clothes for a great look. Because it is less about the garments themselves, but how they are combined and styled. So you can turn a simple outfit with eye-catcher accessories into an exciting look and thanks to the right color combination, the style immediately looks nobler. And that applies to every dress size – whether 34 or 52. We’ll show you 5 styling tricks that fashion bloggers swear by and that will immediately upgrade any look!

1: Cool break in style thanks to the leather jacket

Number 1 styling trick that immediately makes you look better: Pick up a black biker jacket. You’re just always well dressed with that. The great thing about the outfit refiner: chic clothing, such as a romantic dress or skirt, gives it a cool touch and makes it more suitable for everyday use.

Another plus: the black leather jacket is super easy to combine. Both chic high heels and casual sneakers or boots go with it.

2: With French Tuck to the slim waist

French what? Don’t worry, just because you don’t know the term doesn’t mean you don’t understand fashion. Because the term “French Tuck” is still quite new and has just spilled over to us from the USA. The buzzword is the art of casually putting the T-shirt in your pants (or skirt). And that is exactly what our favorite fashion bloggers have a knack for.

It is important for the trend style to succeed: just put the top in the front of the waistband and then pull the fabric out a little. At the back, the blouse or shirt can easily fall over the waistband. The French Tuck makes even the simplest shirt-jeans look look more stylish and models the figure.+

3: color gradations instead of hard contrasts

Sure – contrasts can spice up the outfit. But when it comes to looking stylish and elegant without a lot of effort, then gentle color gradations in your look are the better alternative. Choose top and bottom in the same color family or in a similar shade.

The style not only looks classy, ​​it also makes you look slimmer. Why? Because the “monotonous” clothing emphasizes the vertical body lines, since there are no optical breaks between the upper and lower body.

4: Put on – don’t put on

Have you ever noticed that the female Instagram stars don’t usually put on their jackets and coats properly, but only put on like a cape? Looks absurd – but looks super elegant. So if it’s not exactly – 5 degrees outside or you need to take your shopping home with you, try this styling trick.

5: Eye-catcher thanks to statement earrings

The accessories that instantly add the style factor to the most boring look are definitely statement earrings! It’s no wonder that XXL clunkers have been a favorite part of the fashion scene for many seasons.

This year, by the way, geometric models, brightly colored earrings with floral motifs and statement earrings in gem design are in.


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