5 Sneakers That Will Have Cult Status This Summer

After more than a month that many have now spent in self-isolation, it is astonishing what ideas came up. From virtual museum visits, cocktail meetings via video call and the sudden discovery of one’s own surroundings during daily walks with a distance of two meters. We don’t seem to lack creativity. Not with an active and foresighted look. Because the fashion search engine Lyst has published in its ranking of the currently most searched categories that sneakers counted the highest number of search queries between March and April 2020.

Despite exit restrictions, people seem to be making the most important investments in shoe trends to deal with. If they are being carried to the supermarket for a short trip at the moment, the most sought after sneaker models are predestined to have cult status as early as summer 2020. It is therefore best to note the following five sneaker trends now and enter them until the beginning of summer.

1. Balenciaga Track Sneaker

Enthusiasm for sneakers seems to persist, especially in Germany. In the past few weeks, according to Lyst, they have been one of the most searched inquiries. The popularity of the comfortable shoe trend is not a new phenomenon, even from a global perspective. As early as 2018, Lyst noted that the demand for sneakers was far higher than in previous years. The Balenciaga “Triple S” sneaker, which initiated the Ugly sneaker movement, played a decisive role in the first steps of the sneaker hype . The new “Track Sneaker” also shows that the French fashion house has understood this wake-up call to this day and knows how to implement it again and again.from Balenciaga. The athletic trekking look perfectly meets the spirit of the times (once again). Precisely because they are not typically elegant shoes. Whether as a clear contrast to the feminine dress or in a casual look with jeans and blazers – it is certain that the trend sneaker will bring the final touches this spring and summer.

2. New Balance 530 Sneakers

A striking increase in sneaker searches was also evident in Scandinavia. A look ahead into this ranking for the currently defining Scandi style can therefore not hurt either. It is not really surprising that New Balance of all places appears among the top 3 brands of shoe trends. Because since the beginning of the year, the New Balance “530” sneaker has been one of the most popular models. Since it is sold out almost everywhere due to the high demand, the time at home seems to be ideal for those who have not yet browsed online shops. The fact that one of the most important cult sneakers of the year is secured under these circumstances not only pays off with the joy of a new, comfortable companion. The styling Thanks to the classic sporty 90s look, New Balance sneakers are so uncomplicated that there is no shortage of diverse summer outfits.

3. Nike Air Force 1 Sneaker

Nike is also one of the other hit candidates among the labels for trend sneakers. In the past month, the American sportswear brand was searched the most before Gucci and Off-White. Particularly popular in Germany according to Lyst: the Nike “Air Force” sneaker. Sporty, practical and a true classic from the 80s. On the one hand, their longevity shows that the retro sneakers keep appearing among the shoe trends. On the other hand, the sneakers give the outfit an almost effortless flair this spring and summer – whether in the home office or not. For example, they make for the supposedly neat look of a classic blouse and a blazer for casualness like for jeansto the leather jacket. In spring, an even more intense game of contrasts works with the flowing linen or chiffon dress.

4. Veja Sneakers

The increasing interest in sustainability seems to be particularly striking since the beginning of the year . Whether you are pursuing the innovations of new materials or dealing with environmentally friendly alternatives, conscious consumption on all sides seems to be even more relevant, especially under the current circumstances. According to Lyst, sustainability requests have increased 37 percent since January 2020. In addition to sustainably produced basics such as jeans, this growing popularity is particularly evident in sneakers. The French brand Veja is one of the most important representatives. The minimalist design made from veganLeather can now be seen on so many streets that it is highly likely that sooner or later you will find it in the supermarket despite the limited social contacts. But the simple sneakers combine exactly what really contemporary and modern shoe trends require: a simple look, a wide variety of combinations and a manufacturing process that treats the environment and manufacturers fairly.

5. Converse Chuck Taylor All-stars

With this shoe trend, a small adjustment is to be noted with regard to the title of this article: Chucks from Converse have of course been cult for a long time. But according to the trend forecast, they will get an additional upswing in summer 2020. Last but not least, this has to do with the fact that the sneakers correspond to the unbiased spirit of fashion. With chucks, with the correct name “Chuck Taylor All-Stars” , you don’t have to commit yourself to a style or a look. Because in every outfit they awaken in their own way that certain coolness that has made them unbeatable for years. This applies to both the ensemble and the feminine dresswith puffed sleeves as well as a sovereign suit. This diversity seems to be valued again right now. For several days in the past few weeks, the Converse “Chuck Taylor Lift High Top” sneakers were among the most popular models. Whether you become aware of your own old chucks and try out a few new outfit styles or look through the online shops for a new favorite pair – there are certainly enough creative sneaker ideas.


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