5 Spring Outfits That Are Guaranteed To Be In Your Closet!

The coolest looks for spring that you are guaranteed to have in your closet : Last week was the beginning of spring! Can’t wait to get sun and vitamin D? Because the new season always has something of a fresh start after a long winter, the transition period is also one of my fashion favorites. The new collections are finally entering the stores and the dreary winter colors are being replaced by fresh, new colors . You don’t have to buy everything new to start spring fashionably. My favorite spring looks consist of classics that always go. The best? I’m sure you already have every keypiece of my looks in your closet. Here we go!

Classic: Blazer

A blazer is one of the absolute wardrobe essentials. I would even say at least two: a simpler one for the office and a more trendy model for everyday wear. What I love all year round are blazers in natural tones – put on as a jacket in the spring, every simple outfit looks special.
Styling tip for blazers: Colorful accessories such as shoes, bags or jewelry are suitable to bring even more spring mood and contrasts into a bright look.

Hot or Cold? Turtleneck sweater

Before I get dressed in spring, I feel like running onto the balcony a thousand times to check the weather. Do you know that Which look I really like for those moments when you can’t make up your mind: warm up at the top, show your leg at the bottom. Because everyone has a turtleneck sweater in the closet. The more cozy, the better. So you can also layer and if it gets too warm, put a blouse underneath.

Styling tip for the wheelchair:

If the weather is fine, it would be my outfit: a shorts, a skirt or a cute dress (yes you can wear a wheelchair under clothes – they work best with spaghetti dresses) and a soft turtleneck sweater. In terms of shoes, everything goes here: sneakers, boots, boots or mules.

All-rounder: light shirt or blouse

We are heading for April and it is known that it is quite moody when it comes to the weather. The perfect season for blouses and shirts? It is right now! I’m sure you have at least one model of it in your closet. So time to get your light and airy blouses out again. I particularly like oversize models that let in a little air and put in a pair of pants or a skirt to create a beautiful silhouette. By the way, my lilac-colored blouse is currently on sale at H&M, so get it quickly if you want to increase your blouse repertoire for the new season 🙂

Styling tip for light blouses:

This piece is a real all-rounder and goes with everything! Now in spring, I like to choose blouses as a highlight in my outfit: For example, in beautiful trendy colors, with voluminous sleeves or romantic lace details.

Denim, baby!

And you also have this piece of clothing in your closet: jeans. According to a survey, every German has an average of eight pairs. What could be better than putting on a pair of jeans in the morning, combining a nice blouse and jewelry – quick, easy and still cool. Spring is made for these looks. Denim is super easy to dress up or down, so you can go straight from the office to a nice dinner with friends and is perfectly dressed from day to night in spring.

Styling tip for jeans:

in spring I like the contrast from hard to delicate. With jeans I would wear a top in soft or slightly transparent materials such as chiffon or silk and a trench coat. PS: Jeans don’t always have to be blue. Currently there are also beautiful models in pastel – perfect for spring, right?

Feminine: midi dress

The midi dress is indispensable! And if there is a season to wear the garment up and down, it is spring. A look with the dress cut to the middle of the calf just works. As you can see – I’m a fan. Especially when a dress combines two of my favorite trends: midi length plus animal print. My new spring dress is currently from Mango and I linked it below for you.

Styling tip for a midi dress:

the length is perfect when the sun is shining but it is still getting cool in the evening. Knee boots, one of THE trends of last winter, go great with the dress in spring! A short cut jacket or a thick sweater also look great with this spring outfit.


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