5 Statement Looks For A Great Appearance

Style-conscious women rely on large earrings: as a creole or long to almost to the shoulder. We show four great looks and have the most beautiful pieces for after-shopping. Whether in gold, silver or with colored accents – street styles all over the world show large earrings, so-called statement earrings. Influencers and celebrities can be photographed with the special ear jewelry. Gold or silver doesn’t matter. The earrings are made of both precious metals, often decorated with precious stones. We are currently showing the four most modern pieces: Head to the earring heaven!

1. Subtle large earrings: hoops

Restrained on the one hand, hoops in silver and gold make a big impact . This year we see them in all sizes – and they promise pure understatement. Hoops with open hair or half-buns are a delicate eye-catcher that only flashes out a little. The accents in silver or gold complete the office look , for example . Worn with a deep bun, they come into their own. Grab hoops and the grand entrance is gold-plated – in the truest sense of the word.

2. Large vintage style earrings: Chunky Earrings

They were already worn in the 80s and are now THE new jewelry trend 2020: Chunky Earrings . From more subtle models in gold and silver with a narrower ring to strikingly striking models, for example decorated with pearls – keep an eye out for old earrings and wear the vintage style. The look of the model is immediately noticeable. The red lips together with the jewelry in gold – adorned with blue-turquoise stones – a real eye-catcher! The chunky-style earrings are a good mix – not too big, not too small. A great introduction to the statement earring trend . Thick and a little chunky – in the best sense of the word. These models are gold-plated and in silver or white gold just go with everything.

Large earrings, whether gold, silver or in the trend colors of the season, draw the eyes primarily to the face and neck of the women. The great thing about it: thanks to their shape, statement earrings visually extend the entire area. Combined with an asymmetrical top , a shirt or a blouse, the absolute eye-catcher. Drape the earrings on the free shoulder, decorate the other ear discreetly or not at all – this immediately makes the style special and striking. Strapless tops also cut a good figure with large earrings. The motto here is: not too much! Subtle models underline the look.

3. Large earrings: hanging

Gold or silver, graphic patterns and hanging hoop earrings with pearls and precious stones set the tone here. These half-length earrings with THE other trend around the ear are particularly beautiful: curated ears . Earcuffs, which are put on the ear, and statement earrings are worn – jeans and a T-shirt – the look is complete. The model wears hanging coral earrings. The look alone already looks so cheerful and summery due to the jewelry that you immediately want to mix a cocktail. The beautifully cut out top and the tucked back hair bring out the earrings perfectly.

4. Earrings long to the shoulder

These statement earrings beautifully emphasize the shoulders . They come into their own particularly well with off-shoulder tops . Decorate only the ear with the free shoulder in the appropriate color, for example gold or silver, with the earrings. Keep the other ear discreet, otherwise it will quickly work too much. The model is wearing a white blouse – always the perfect start to show off jewelry. The statement earrings in brown and black are subtle despite their size – especially because they have been combined with the top and thus harmonize perfectly.

5. Large earrings made from natural materials: wood and precious stones

Statement earrings made of materials such as wood or precious stones emphasize the natural beauty of the wearer. Wood in particular emphasizes the summer tan and makes all eye colors shine. Outfits in earth tones, such as beige and brown, combined with white go well with it.


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