5 Tips For Wearing Statement Jewelry

Statement jewellery can make or break your outfit. While statement jewellery pieces are a great way to enhance your outfit and make it stand out if they are worn in the wrong way they can often make all the wrong statements. Bold and striking pieces of statement jewellery catch everyone’s eye and take minimal effort to style it. However, there are some tis and tricks as to how to maximize the effect of statement jewellery. Here are 5 easy to follow tips that will help you pull off a great look with whatever you have:

1) Do not over-crowd : If you want your bold piece of jewellery to stand out, it is advised that you wear one piece at a time. If you wear a statement piece of necklace, avoid a big lanky earring as it will over-crowd your face. Pair things like a long necklace with a chunky cocktail ring, or, chandelier earrings with a bracelet. Also, try and stick with the same kind of patterns and materials if you wear two pieces of jewellery at the same time.

2) Bold jewellery with simple outfits

If your outfit already has loads of patterns and embellishments, then it is probably sensible that you steer clear of statement pieces. If you want to wear big accessories and make them stand out, then simple clothes are the best thing to pair them with. For instance, You can wear a long dangling layered necklace with a plain solid colored dress, or some bright and colorful earrings with a plain white top and jeans. Stick to the same colour and metal while wearing smaller accessories other than your main one and stick to neutral coloured clothes when wearing statement pieces.

3) Right necklace with the right neckline

One of the best ways to assure that your statement necklace will stand out is to pair it with the right design of the neckline. Necklines like off-the shoulder, strapless, v-necked or scoop neck dresses are ideal to be paired with bold necklaces. Necklines which has collars, halter necks or dresses which have too much detailing close to the neck and face will clash with your statement piece. However, turtle-neck sweaters with one solid colour will do wonders when paired with a statement necklace. Do your jewellery justice and stand out by pairing them with simple, one-coloured tops.

4) Adorn your hands and arms

Bold rings and cuff bracelets will draw attention to your hands, but don’t wear them together. Pair a ring with a necklace and a cuff bracelet with dangly earrings or vice versa. This will maintain the balance and help you look more elegant and sophisticated. If you have colourful glittery nail polish on, make sure you wear a simpe ring instead of a bold and colourful one. If you want to wear bangles, stack them together on one arm and no more than six.

5) The earrings

Earrings have the ability to shape and frame your face. Keep your hair in a bun or loose curls if you are planning to wear dangly earrings. Also, keep your make up in check. As the earrings will be associated to your face, try and keep the hair and makeup simple if you are wearing colourful bold earrings.

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