5 Trend Pieces That Will Upgrade Your Business Outfit

A business wardrobe can become monotonous in the long run – especially if it has to correspond to a certain dress code. If you pick up individual fashion trends in a well-dosed manner, the styling will still not be boring: these five trend parts will give your office look a new twist in spring 2019.

Pencil skirt made of luxurious fabrics

In women’s fashion, the pencil skirt, also called pencil skirt, is the classic office piece par excellence. Even outside of everyday work, pencil skirts are real figure flatterers that emphasize feminine curves and conceal a small tummy thanks to the high waist. You can give the skirt a fashionable upgrade by choosing a model made from unusual materials instead of a blend of cotton, viscose, polyamide and elastane: shiny, luxurious fabrics such as silk , satin and lace are particularly popular in 2019 . Discreet and yet unusual for office skirts : coarse tweed fabric , smooth, suede or synthetic leather and winter materials such as Cord , velvet and jacquard .

The thinner versions of the latter also work well in the spring on cooler days in the office – or in heavily air-conditioned offices. Anyone who does not dare to use non-office fabrics is just as trendy with a pencil skirt in an asymmetrical wrap look.

Blouses with prints and playful details

Whether with plain trousers or a patterned pencil skirt: Classic shirt blouses usually hang in several versions in the closet of business women. Reason enough to provide a colorful mix that is fun when putting together your daily outfit in the morning. In spring 2019 you will be very trendy with a print blouse. Shirt blouses with stripes, fine dots, Millefleurs patterns or “quieter” checks are also suitable for the office. Somewhat bolder: the trend variant with ornaments √† la Versace in the 90s. But you don’t have to dig too deep into the color or pattern pot: unusual details and design elements such as burnout fabric , a small stand-up collar , lace trimmings in the Victorian style or a bow make the office classic a trend part for the spring season.

Exciting shoes

An easy way to spice up an outfit? Combine extravagant shoes. This also works in the office if, for example, you swap the plain business pumps with a block heel for a model with a kitten heel and a brooch on the instep . The shoe trends for spring and summer 2019 offer a hardly manageable variety – shoes with a square toe cap , flat or with a heel, with transparent PVC inserts or classic feminine models such as Mary Janes are particularly popular . Just as trendy: loafers or pumps in bright colors like yellow, red, orange, green or blue. Statement booties are a waterproof variant, for example with animal prints or contrasting heels.

Trend blazer: retro and with a waist focus

A well-fitting blazer is the basis for every successful office look – because it exudes professionalism even without an elegant combination partner. If you want to buy a new trend blazer in spring 2019, you are in the right place with a tailored model. Put the focus on the center of your body with a blazer with a sewn-on waist belt or with a model that is already hanging in your closet: Simply wrap a thin leather belt around your waist, done!

It gets a step more extravagant with blazer combinations in the trendy 80s look : The suit jackets are reminiscent of models from men’s fashion and come with elements that are characteristic of the decade, such as double-row gold buttons, shoulder pads and edgy cuts. Another variant: Get a two-piece set , i.e. a pants suit or a costume, in a new color. A nice, yet solid alternative to the two-piece suit in black, beige or anthracite is a trouser suit in dark green , caramel brown or bordeaux .

Statement jewelry

XL necklace earrings and jingling bangles should be left in the jewelry box for serious office looks. A somewhat more eye-catching piece of jewelry is definitely allowed in the office Рif it is not too bulky. A vintage-style cocktail ring or a chunky wrist watch make a shift dress, pants suit or costume much more exciting. Also Roségoldschmuck provides more variety in office styling. Simple, but effective to make the look trendy: artfully ornate earrings with flower tendrils , filigree asterisks etc. or earrings made of metal with asymmetrical designs and in unusual shapes. Important: let the earrings speak for themselves and do without additional accessories. Especially in reputable industries with strict dress codes, it is advisable to invest in high quality real jewelry instead of wearing cheaply produced and mostly short-lived fashion jewelry.


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