5 Ways To Drape And Style A Saree

India has always been rich in its traditions and culture and one of the most important parts of that culture is attire. Saree is one such attire that represents India and its varied culture, there are hundreds of types of sarees and hundreds of ways to drape it. Sarees are extremely versatile they can be sexy and classy too. But one should know how to carry it with grace, there is no particular shape or size that will be perfect to wear a saree it looks good on any kind of body shape or size.

Not everybody drapes their saree the same way, many people drape saree very differently. There is a type of saree and a way to drape it for every special occasion be it be bridal wear or just he casual way. The different cultures and traditions of India have various draping styles, like Gujarati, Rajasthani, Odissi and so many more. Cultural drapes are common for most of the types of sarees. If you are someone who enjoys wearing sarees but is bored with the same way of draping it then you are at the right place, here we bring you a guide that will tell you 5 ways to drape a saree.

1. Mumtaz style saree draping

Mumtaz style saree draping was one of the most famous among the people in the 90s, the retro way of saree draping was loved by all the actors and is a great party look. if you are planning for a retro styled party and wondering what to wear, then do not consume too much time just grab a saree that has a golden border and style it like the famous Mumtaz. Put some nice jewelry a kadha and earrings and finish it off with puffed hair and winged liner.

2. The dhoti saree

Coming to 2000s dhoti sarees were a major trend back in the day and we have been loving it ever since. This gained a lot of popularity over the days and the special thanks to all the fashion influencers and Bollywood actresses. The dhoti style saree draping doesn’t only allow you with extra comfort but is also very stylish at the same time. You can wear them with some blazers and jackets as well to give it a modern touch.

3. Belted saree drape

Today the girls are loving to wear a saree be it be a traditional one of just a casual chiffon saree. Adding it a touch of modern style we have seen many fashion influencers wearing saree and opting for a belt. Many influencers like Komal Pandey, Sejal Kumar and many more have been doing this and we are absolutely loving they way they do it.

4. Gujrati saree

A very popular kind of saree draping, though traditionally has been Gujarati style for women. Over the years you might have seen your mother and aunt draping saree this way on special occasions. The best choice of saree for this kind of draping has to be banarasi sarees, bandhini sarees and leharia sarees that allow you to style it as per your need.

5. Bengali drape saree

Talking about traditional saree drapes, Bengali drape saree has also been one of the most famous ways of draping a saree. We have seen many Bollywood celebrities like Kajol, BipasaBasu and many others donning it for their wedding. The white and red patterns look beautiful on every bride and the way they put keys to the pallu makes it look even sexier. You can try out these in any regular saree but if you want to make it look perfect then definitely go for a Bengali cotton saree.


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