5 Ways To Style A Button-down Shirt

Button-down shirts are a staple in our wardrobes, you need to have a basic button-down shirt and it will help you in ways one can never imagine. You can style a full week look using the same shirt and people might not even notice it. It might seem like a piece that you wear as workwear or something that’s professional but you can also add these shirts in your casual day out. There are hundreds of creative ways you can style them up, it doesn’t matter whichever event you wear them for.

When we think about button-down shirts the only image that comes to our mind is a basic white shirt, but there are so many options you can try with. Go for colored shirts or even printed ones will work well for you. You should have an idea to style it up in different ways if it is a date night or a just hanging out with friends it will work fine with every occasion. You need not research and put a lot of effort to know what will work. We have brought you 5 ways to style a button-down shirt, so let’s get into it:

1. Turn it into an Off the shoulder top

Let the shirt flow off your shoulders, this will give you a chic off the shoulder top look. Do pair it with your favorite pair of denim and heels to make it look put together, you can also add some gold or silver jewelry to it. Make sure you are not overdoing anything as it might turn the entire look into something messy. You can opt for a plain shirt as well as for a printed or patterned shirt.

2. Wear it like a dress

Yes, you just read it right. Get yourself an oversized button-up shirt and wear it like a dress, add a statement belt to give some shape to your silhouette and some right kind of accessories. You can wear gladiator or even chunky shoes that will go with the outfit. You might as well add some layered up jewelry to complete the entire look. This will not only make you look sexy but also give an edge to your entire outfit.

3. Make it look like a crop top

This is so far the most basic styling tip for a button-down shirt. You can simply tie it in the bottom and make it look like a crop top. To pair it up opt for clothing that gives your bottom a nice shape. Something like well fitted jeans or a pencil skirt will work wonders, if you have a curvy body then you can go for A-line skirts and high neck shoes. This outfit will transition easily from a day time meeting outfit to a nighttime dinner outfit.

4. Pair it up with denim and accessories

Can it ever go wrong with denim? Shirts and denim just go hand in hand, wear your favorite button-down shirt may it be a printed one or a plain one and get your denim on and nothing can give you this combination of sexy and elegance. Top up your game you can add some statement neckpieces and make it look glammed up but if you want to go simple and classy then opt for layered gold jewelry or seashell chokers and layers. This outfit is very versatile and will go with any kind of occasion, you just need to add the right kind of jewelry to make it look good. Grab a handbag or a bum bag to give the fancy touch to your outfit.


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