5 Ways To Style A Cardigan Top

If you thought sweater gives you the whole new look, think about it once more. Cardigans have been increasing in popularity because of their practicality. You literally cannot wear a sweater all the time because it is boring and you will end up looking like a grandmother if you do not style it properly. A sweater is impractical because they cannot be worn in warm country like India because the temperatures are moderate in the winter season and you would not probably need a sweater to keep you warm. There is an alternative to this and that is by wearing a cardigan.

A cardigan can be described as an equivalent to a sweater but a thinner version. They are thin, breathable and yet keep you warm and that is an advantage of a cardigan. It is versatile and can be used to create different variety of looks. Usually pastel color scheme should be preferred or dark colors should be preferred for a cardigan. Usually it gives you that casual, at home, warm, comfy vibe but can be transformed into different outfits just by proper styling. This is perfect choice for the Indian winters.

1. Pair it with denims

This look gives you relaxed vibe and is perfect if you want to go out to the park or grab some groceries at the store. This is one of the most basic looks that you can create using a cardigan top. Wrap your hair into a ponytail and tie a scarf around it to give that little extra edge to your outfit. Keep the jewelry minimal as it would steal away all the attention from your top.

2. Pair it with a pencil skirt

If you are going for the librarian’s vibe then this is a perfect option for you. You must have seen that most of the librarians in movies tend to wear this outfit a lot. You can wear it to office on cold chilly days when you really do not want to wake up and move out of the bed due to the cold. This is a very smart option to choose for formal wear. Tie your hair into a sleek ponytail and wrap a scarf around your ponytail or use the scarf around your neck.

3. To wear the summer dresses in winter

If you really like a summer dress and you cannot wear it because it is a spaghetti strap then do not worry, a cardigan top will save your day. Wear a cardigan top underneath your summer dress and you are perfect to go. This look looks good for a brunch or a lunch date. This is very easy and effortless look that you can pull off without hesitating that your flabby arm fat would really show up. This is very interesting way to layer your outfits. Layering outfits is in trend right now so this could actually be a good option.

4. Wear it with leather pants

Sometimes we do not know what to pair our leather pants with and there are just lying in a corner of your cupboard. You can actually wear a cardigan with a leather pant and totally rock this look off. Pair it with some thigh high boots. Keep your hair simple and straight. You can add a leather jacket on the top if required.

5. You can wear a cardigan dress

Yes, you find a lot of cardigan dresses online. If you still do not feel comfortable wearing a dress, then you can always wear some complimentary pants underneath. Add a belt for synching your waist in.

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