5 Ways To Style Boyfriend Jeans

Today boyfriend jeans are a staple in many women’s wardrobes. When it comes to being comfortable yet look sassy, boyfriend jeans comes top in the list. Boyfriend jeans can be loose or slim, cuffed or straight. As the name implies, boyfriend jeans were made with the idea that the jeans you are wearing are borrowed from your boyfriend, which has a loose fit. There are many ways one can style boyfriend jeans to create a style statement. These are made for every kind of body shape and size so make sure you get your hands on one of these.

You can style them in multiple ways and look amazing in every outfit, you will have the power to look casual and sexy both, these are extremely versatile in their way and you can dress them up and down instantly. If you are going out with your friends for a casual lunch date or with your boyfriend and want to look sexy and dressed up it will work both the ways. To make it look classy and chic you can add some jewelry as well. If you are still looking for ideas to style these staple pieces of clothing then keep reading, we have brought you some fantastic ideas.

1. Sleek chic

Pair a sexy lace-up bodysuit or a basic bodysuit with the baggy boyfriend jeans with a slim belt and a sling bag for a sleek look. To style it up you can add your favorite accessory or jewelry which includes a fanny pack or some amazing layered gold jewelry or choker. This can be your Sunday brunch or a movie date look with your friends. Just put it on and see how many heads turn to look at you. This will make you stand out of the crowd and give you some major fashionista vibes.

2. Leather forever

jeans and leather jackets have been a staple since the days of James Dean. Want to give them an edgy biker vibe, wear boyfriend jeans styled with a leather jacket and strappy heels and look effortlessly fashionable. Make your look sporty and edgy, you can also add some basic jewelry or just keep it up with some makeup. You can give a competition to your man when going on trips, these looks are extremely easy to carry and comfortable.

3. Vintage Love

We all know that in fashion what goes around comes around and for those who love the 80s and 90s its good news, you can create your own throwback looks and one of them is pair a light washed boyfriend jeans with a body fit crop graphic t-shirt and a tiny shoulder bag. Inspired by the character Rachel green from the tv series FRIENDS this look has become very famous. You can also take inspiration from your favorite characters and make a throwback.

4. Sweeter than a sweater

When the winters are around the corner but you want to look stylish, go for the winter-inspired sweater look with a clean-cut, dark wash pair of jeans and a colourful striped sweater for your weekend outfit. In case you want to make it look more stylish you can add a sunglass and vibrant colour sling.

5. Lovely like a lady

what is more ladylike than a beautiful hemmed blouse tucked in the slim boyfriend jeans. Add some accessories, like a leather shoulder bag and statement shoes. These will give you extreme feminine vibes and make you look great. Make your man drool over this piece of beauty, grab it up and see how many compliments you gather.


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