6 Accessory Trends That Women Should Know In Summer

This year, the mouth guard should be the undisputed leader of the summer accessories trend list, but fortunately there are even more beautiful pieces from jewelry to bags with which we now adorn ourselves.

Trend 1: sunglasses chains

The sunglasses chain has finally dropped its grandma image – thanks to Gucci! This year our favorite glasses are held by XXL link chains, which are a bit reminiscent of the statement chains that were dropped a few years ago. And the advantages are obvious: the beloved sunglasses can no longer fall off, are not lost and are not scratched because we no longer have to store them in our overfilled bag between all our belongings. The chic chains are available in silver and gold or in brightly colored or pastel. With this, every simple sunglasses becomes an eye-catcher in no time!

Trend 2: link chains

A propos link chains – not only dangle from our sunglasses this summer, but are also welcome to wear around your neck again. The XXL gold variant in the statement chain style is particularly popular. At first glance, it may seem a bit showy, but it also looks somewhat stylish – especially when combined with a simple shirt and other chains.

Trend 3: shell jewelry

Shell accessories ensure summer vibes for everyday vacation vibes and accompany us again this year through the hot season. While there was mainly shell choker to be seen last summer, it is now becoming more versatile. Be it classic in the form of jewelry such as earrings, bracelets or chains, or as an application on (wicker) bags, straw hats, sandals and belts – the shell jewelry also conjures up a beach look far away from the sea and sand.

ut be careful: In order to avoid suffering from the environment and shellfish, you should always choose the fake version made of glass, plastic or metal. Looks just as good and can be worn without a guilty conscience.

Trend 4: Braided bags

Already last year they sprayed holiday nostalgia: the “basket bags”. The braided cups can still be combined with the airy jumpsuit or business outfits, but they still face competition: Leather bags in the style of the Bottega Veneta “Padded Cassette” are the new stars in the summer accessories sky.

The favorite bags of the influencers score – just like the basket bag – with a braided look, but are a number more elegant and practical. It is better not to carry wicker bags with delicate or delicate fabrics – thanks to the rough wicker surface there is an acute risk of pulling threads. This problem does not apply to the leather version.

Trend 5: hair accessories

When it comes to hair styling, again, more is more! Here accessories are no longer a means to an end, but rather a fashion statement. Thanks to Prada, we are allowed to wear wide hair bands again and hair clips are no longer hidden, but strikingly decorated and worn as visibly as possible. Particularly popular: the combination of many metallic hairpins next to each other or a large clip with a lot of glitter, with which the ponytail or half bun is a style statement.

Trend 6: mobile phone pockets for hanging

Can you still remember how you carried your cell phone around in socks and other fabric bags? Fortunately, those days are gone, but the cell phone case is still coming back in a practical and stylish version. The cell phone case is now crossed with a shoulder bag, comes either in elegant leather designs or casually with a transparent case and cord and can therefore be easily combined with any outfit. Plus point: The cell phone is always protected and within reach, the hands are always free.


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