6 Fashion Mistakes Little Women Shouldn’t Make

Do you have a body length of less than 162 cm and prefer to look a bit taller? Also, do you find it annoying to be constantly called “cute” or “cute”? Then you should definitely avoid these styling errors

Mistake 1: You don’t pay attention to your proportions

The worst thing that small women can do when it comes to outfits is to optically halve their bodies – because that greatly compresses the overall appearance. Over sized tops and hipsters are also a no-go, as both make the torso look longer and the legs look shorter.

Our tip: internalize the “two-thirds-one-third” rule. This says that small women are most flattering of their figure when they wear bottoms that cover two thirds of their bodies and shirts that cover one third. In concrete terms, this means that skirts or pants with a high waistband and short tops are ideal styling partners for small women.

Mistake 2: You shop in the children’s department

Small women can sometimes have problems finding suitable clothing in many shops – but that shouldn’t be a reason to constantly switch to the children’s department. Why? A small woman is often referred to as “cute” – clothes designed for children or teenagers will not help you to feel and present yourself as an adult sovereign woman.
Our tip: Simple basics like plain-colored T-shirts or jeans from the children’s department are ok. For everything else you should try the “Petite” departments of these shops and online shops, which specialize in the proportions of small women:

Mistake 3: You are carrying handbags that are too large

Sure, large handbags are practical – but oversized bags look more like very small women than on the way to a short vacation instead of the office.
Our tip: When buying a handbag, always make sure that it fits the proportions of your body – medium-sized handbags are, for example, made for small women. The currently popular mini bags also fit perfectly.

Mistake 4. You are wearing the wrong shoes

Just because they’re small doesn’t mean you have to wear high heels all the time. Only as a “petite” woman should you really pay attention to the cut of the shoes: ballerinas with a round toe cap, for example, not only shorten the legs visually, but also look like a little girl.
Our tip: Flats or heels with a pointed toe cap and V-neck visually stretch your legs and cheat a few centimeters tall.

Mistake 5: You layer too much

A voluminous layering look is rarely a friend of small women because too many layers of clothing quickly look like they are drowning in the fabric.
Our tip: Do you love oversized looks and layering? Then pay attention to thin, flowing materials from a color family that do not compress your body or use a “big piece” that is then worn over something that emphasizes the body.

Mistake 6: You are wearing midi dresses and skirts

Midi skirts and dresses end in the middle of the calf, which in turn makes the legs look shorter than they actually are. Especially if you combine flat shoes with the look.
Our tip: The optimal dress and skirt length for small women is just above the knees.


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