6 Great Homemade Tomato Face Packs

6 Great Homemade Tomato Face Packs : For many years, face has been considered as the key factor that portrays one’s personality or character, that is why people are looking for different methods to make their face look beautiful and attractive with many people spending lots of money on facials and makeups to get a healthy-looking skin instantly.

Unfortunately, these products comes with negative side effects. Apart from being great food additive, tomatoes comes with lots of health and cosmetic benefits. Of late, people have also discovered many uses of tomato. The tomato products are used by various cosmetic companies to manufacture face packs, face wash as well as face masks. However, you can get glowing, attractive and healthy skin by use of natural tomato ingredients since they are free from harmful chemicals.

If you add tomato to your meal on a regular basis, your will have a lustrous and fairer skin. Besides, the benefits of tomato will depict on your face as soon as you use it as an alternative of other cosmetics. Being a natural astringent, tomatoes helps in cleansing and opening your skin pores and their rich antioxidants property gives your skin a young and fresh look for long. Below are some tomato face packs that you can easily prepare by yourself.

Tomato Face Packs

6 Great Homemade Tomato Face Packs

1. Oily Skin Tomato face pack : Due to its natural astringent property, tomato prevents over secretion of oil by sebaceous gland. To prepare this face pack, cut one full tomato into two equal sizes and squeeze one half to obtain its juice. Add a tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of squeezed cucumber and to tomato juice. Blend the three mixtures and apply it on your face in circular motions. Allow it to dry for approximately 20 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.

2. Dry Skin Tomato face pack

Dry skin is a major issue affecting many people during dry and windy season. Luckily, tomato juice has a moisturizing effect that work efficiently in getting rid of dry skin and gives your skin a soft and healthy look. Cut one full tomato into two equal sizes and squeeze it to obtain tomato juice. Add a tablespoonful olive oil to the squeezed tomato juice and blend them together. Then use this mixture to rub your face in circular motions and allow it to dry for approximately 20 minutes. Then wash it away using warm water.

3. Tomato and aloe Vera blend

Daily use of aloe Vera gel plays a major role in caring a woman’s skin whether she has a skin infection or not. However, if you have a skin inflammation or irritation, maybe you have a dry skin. When combined with tomato, this ingredient makes the most efficient treatment. What you are required to do is just blend tomato flesh with extracted aloe vera fluid or purchased aloe gel till a thick paste is formed. Use the paste to massage your ski then allow it to sit for approximately 30-35 minutes. Wash it away afterwards. Doing this three times every week will give you a bright complexion.

4. Mint leaves and tomato blend

If you want a glowing skin, this is an ideal face pack. The antioxidant effect available in tomato juice forms kills dirt, fungus and bacteria intruding your skin. Protecting your skin from harmful substances is always mandatory when making your skin look beautiful and vibrant in its natural form. The cooling effect, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of mint leaves make this remedy a wonderful tomato face pack ingredient. Squeeze a few fresh mint leaves then add some small amount of water to obtain a paste. To that paste, add a small amount of tomato juice to it. Gently apply this face pack on your skin in circular motions. Leave it for 30 minutes to ensure it gets absorbed by your skin then rinse it off using cold water.

5. Tomato and turmeric blend

From improving skin complexion to removing rigid spots, scars and marks, turmeric gives your skin a great care. It acts as a perfect guardian to your skin. Then again, the lycopene in tomato serves as a great anti-tanning and anti-aging property. To benefit from the skin enhancement qualities these two powerful ingredients contain, use them to make a face pack. Squeeze one full tomato to obtain tomato juice, then add two tablespoons of turmeric paste and blend well. Use this remedy to gently rub your face by use of your fingertips. Allow it to dry for approximately 30 minutes then rinse it off using cold water.

6. Tomato and sugar blend

Using both sugar and tomato will give you a clean and lighter skin. This is because sugar has a grainy texture, while tomato has an acidic content that helps in getting rid of bacteria and fungi that leads to different skin problems. To prepare this face pack, you will be required to have one ripe tomato and powdered sugar. Using a blender, slice the tomato into two pieces in a blender and add a small amount of sugar to it. Stir it for about 20 seconds to ensure it mixes well. Dip you fingertips or a cotton ball to this juice then apply it on your face. Let it dry on your face for about 45 minutes then rinse it off using cold water. Apply this remedy for quite a few weeks to obtain top results.

Final Verdict

Tomato is a wonderful skin remedy, the easiest way of using this amazing vegetable is rubbing its slice on your face. However, combining with other ingredients proven to be effective skin remedies like the ones above will give you a fresh, smooth, lustrous, attractive healthy and most of all natural skin.